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M6 coming for Turkey This is what I was looking for. The geology has forced it up a bit. We need at least an M6 or 7 to close it up for another 300 years.

Arctic ice volume The daily weather is swirling in chaos, but things like ice volume are a natural integration of world temperature. I see a continuous recent rise in ice volume. Others might argue the reverse.

New earthquakes extending down to the sea There is too much stress at that lower end. It should do something.

Good morning. The Turkey earthquake has me in a tizzy, and I won’t be doing much today.

Two branches to continental earthquake I’m expecting a third, like New Madrid, but we can live with just two. It’s an amazing pattern, with both mechanisms the same. The whole area has been wrenched apart, and we await the gps and strong ground motions to see the mechanism. Usually, the existing topography will be reinforced. The lows lower and highs higher.

Bell direct fiber internet When they sunk their billion dollars to put fiber to the home, I was one of the first to sign. Then I didn’t constantly check their new prices. So now, I went to 50% higher speed for less price. I must have been overpaying for a while now.
I’m not complaining since it could be like the Old Man with a tin can and a string.

acceleration At about .6g. I consider this to be not as important as the pgv. Earthquake design uses accel which is long and wobbly, thus they design for resonance. The velocity is a big nasty pulse, and more accurately relates to the base shear.

Turkey strong ground motion I’m having a tough time figuring this out, but this is PGV in the basin that dropped. A pulse of 120 cm/s is about as strong as you can get and no structure can stand against it.

Buffalo earthquake Very tiny. It reflects a major fault under Hamilton. It is activated by a seep of lake water.

Aftershocks These aftershocks define the fault zone. There was only one big quake, and the second was an M6. You need more strong ground motion sensors to define the mechanics.

**The two nearly identical earthquakes looks to have a mechanism of first, one side dropping, and then the other.

Turkey Tectonics At the epicentre, we have extension as the Arabian plate pushes in.

Extension earthquake in Turkey You can see very complex tectonics here. This was a shallow extension (basin) earthquake that would have sent out a wide swathe of lower frequency ground motion.

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