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Yes, long ago, an engineer said “There’s a physics problem with Climate Change.” POW!

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Engineers telling influencers the truth This also happened with Climate Change.

One of Twitter’s two remaining principal engineers suggested to Musk that interest in his antics was wearing out, and employees reportedly showed him a Google Trends chart depicting Musk’s declining popularity in search rankings. Musk fired the engineer.

It’s always the same. You have snivelling consultants and someone powerful says “I like overhead wires, it makes it look so Euro.” Ha.

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Overhead train wires no good for Canada Yet, here we are.

Empty venting With the bird, it was easy to make up sock puppets and vent – one way. And you could have fun with death threats! I never went for this. Here, it takes more effort to sign on, and you create an identity for many servers. As you go on, it becomes more difficult to issue a threat anonymously. I am quite happy with that.

Turkey looks stable Minor aftershocks. They are clearing the rubble, and will rebuild. I hope they invest in real concrete and deep helical piles. You can only build in the flats, and that amplified 10 to 100 times. You need piles and very stiff buildings.

North America mild The Pacific storms continue to hit Vancouver and spill dry, warm air over the mountains. Without the Arctic spill they would have their normal pattern of hitting the Yukon and dragging down cold air, as a clipper.

Gulf Stream unstable It’s like my dog’s tail. Wagging down, now it is up.

The joy of a wind channel. This year, the Arctic air has decided to go through several wind channels, which open and close randomly. The big rains in Callie has a huge flow by Alaska. This is a smaller flow and may only soak north of callie.

Toronto is mild, from the tears of Vancouver. Those storms are hammering the west coast, and we get the dry warmth.

Finally back at home where I can type. New Zealand storm. This is the same type of prong as their last big rain, but it is curled. They should listen to the influencers that all this will be over soon – ha ha.

«The first study to show that delivering information at the natural tempo of our neural pulses accelerates our ability to learn.»

Today, a wonderful mutation methodology was presented to me in a conference, this was used to generate new proteins to act as enzymes for specific reactions.
They used microfluidics, which already by itself places them in the cool category.
Basically they made up this system in which they have bacterias producing an enzyme, through microfluidics they push a single cell inside a bubble with the reaction substrate and some lysing agent.
The enzyme comes out and the reaction proceeds producing a fluorescent compound, the fluorescence is measured to assess the catalytic performance and based on that, droplets are separated thanks to microfluidics magic.
The good ones go through another stage in which the dna is sequenced to determine what the protein is and random mutations are induced and inserted in other bacterias that are then sent a the beginning of the process.

The whole thing is automatic and they process 1000 proteins per second.
That's crazy, sounded like magic to me.
Cool stuff, I have to insert some microfluidics somewhere in my projects. Microfluidics is better than AI. I have to learn microfluidics now.

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