What a surprise that the high priests of American rock and roll are sexist and racist. Why do you think sent Madonna to receive his induction to the rock and roll Hall of Fame? Anyone into , urban and club music knows this and ignores rolling stone magazine.

Jann Wenner Removed From Rock Hall Board After Times Interview nytimes.com/2023/09/16/arts/mu

First hour of a live DJ set last July at Roterdão Club in Lisbon's Pink Street. It starts with respect for the great , for a party aimed mostly at shaking the .

‘Shake it!’ by E-Trash is on soundcloud.com/placebooracle/s

Thank you for the party last night @RoterdaoC ! Awesome night with DJ Gabe (@gabeandrade) . And all the beautiful people.


This Saturday. If you're in Lisbon. After 1am, @RoterdaoC Cais do Sodré, pink street.

I really loved going back to live DJing in 2022, mostly at Roterdão Club in Lisbon's Pink Street. Here is a mix of various bits from those sets I collected the bits most inspired-but not exclusively' by 80s - from .

Terry Hall. I was very very young when my brother brought home this track as a 45. From then on I wanted to be , , , all of it. That's what and meant to me. And I've never been just one thing since then. Thank you and much love.

Tonight I'm DJing Roterdão Club with very special guest DJ Maddog ! Starting at 1am, lower basement. Bringing a little New York to Cais do Sodré, pink street.


Honey Dijon's "Black Girl Magic" is da bomb! I have already been playing "Show me Some Love" on my sets, but there is way more in this.
C's Up (feat. Mike Dunn) youtu.be/NHtJXyIrb6Y via @YouTube

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