First hour of a live DJ set last July at Roterdão Club in Lisbon's Pink Street. It starts with respect for the great , for a party aimed mostly at shaking the .

‘Shake it!’ by E-Trash is on

Thank you for the party last night @RoterdaoC ! Awesome night with DJ Gabe (@gabeandrade) . And all the beautiful people.

This Saturday. If you're in Lisbon. After 1am, @RoterdaoC Cais do Sodré, pink street.

I really loved going back to live DJing in 2022, mostly at Roterdão Club in Lisbon's Pink Street. Here is a mix of various bits from those sets I collected the bits most inspired-but not exclusively' by 80s - from .

Tonight I'm DJing Roterdão Club with very special guest DJ Maddog ! Starting at 1am, lower basement. Bringing a little New York to Cais do Sodré, pink street.

Honey Dijon's "Black Girl Magic" is da bomb! I have already been playing "Show me Some Love" on my sets, but there is way more in this.
C's Up (feat. Mike Dunn) via @YouTube

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