Chapter 5 of my and Bio-inspired Computing course have been updated for 2024 edition.
"Reality is Stranger than Fiction"

Updated third chapter of my and class. This semester I added a new subsection about and approaches to studying life, from to . " THE WORLD AND SYSTEMS APPROACH TO LIFE"

Excited about this collaboration with Reka Albert 's lab, chiefly the work of Jordan Rozum with Felipe Costa and Kyu Hyong Park, just published in brand new PRX Life journal devoted to bridging the gap between physical and life sciences. Life is not after all at the ?

"In this study, novel metrics and simulations of experimentally-supported discrete dynamical models of cell processes reveal greater resilience to perturbation than previously observed, challenging the ‘edge of chaos’ theory for biological systems."

Will give an overview of our NIH-NLM-funded research on “Network Science to Model Health Vulnerabilities and Biases” at workshop at , St. Charles Ballroom, Hilton Riverside, New Orleans. Saturday November 12, 10:30am

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Looking forward to the AMIA Annual Symposium this Saturday in New Orleans, where I will give a keynote talk at the for Applications () Workshop.

Have you heard that @PLOSComplexSys is now open for submissions? Learn more about this new community-led journal:

I highly recommend this postdoctoral program with IGCi. The great David Soriano Panos, recent honoree at @CCS2023 Brazil has been a great example of bringing and methods into .

We continue hiring, in Areas of interest include: Computational Social Science, Biomedical Complexity, etc. DM me for more and check: binghamton.interviewexchange.c

2 open faculty positions at the Full or Associate professor level. /ML and in domains, e.g. healthcare, public health, health disparities and equity, pandemic prevention and preparedness, etc. binghamton.interviewexchange.c

The power of life being a code and language being a virus also carries the seeds (or programs) of their own destruction.

Could chatbots help devise the next pandemic virus? | Science | AAAS

So happy to finally see this collaboration with Rion Correia and @alainbarrat out. The distance backbone is a unique, algebraically-principled network subgraph that preserves all shortest paths. We were were excited to find out (with and other data) that the backbones of contain large amounts of redundant interactions that can be removed with very little impact on and spread.


Super happy to have participated on this special issue on the principle of dynamical . It was really fun to expand our work on effective connectivity, and with Jordan Rozum, Felipe Costa, and Austin Marcus. An a bonus for publishing in ---makes me feel quite cybernetic!

We're super happy to have contributed the special issue of on The Principle of Dynamical in .

"Effective Connectivity and Bias Entropy Improve Prediction of Dynamical Regime in Networks"

and canalization play major role in predicting , even after accounting for structure, in experimentally-validated biochemical regulation models and random networks. Emphasizing role of redundancy in .systems.

In addition to the positions in and above, I would like to draw your attention to Associate Professor position below which also welcomes (more senior) applicants in the same areas with focus on and .

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Today at 2022 I will give two talks summarizing our lab's work on in . One focusing on network structure (session 4A) and the other on dynamics on and off networks (session 5C). See you there!

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