I am fascinated by the recent evidence showing that Polyplody may grant evolutionary advantages in the presence of drastic fitness changes (e.g. cataclysms):

One option is that extra chromosomes may increase connectivity of gene regulatory networks--- fascinating work from van de Peer on that note: doi.org/10.1101/2023.04.28.538, doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0.

The results are similar to ours a long time ago with RNA Editing , where we experimented with drastic fitness changes (simulated cataclysms) and emergence of memory: doi.org/10.1162/evco.2007.15.3, doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-7491.

RNA Editing, we started arguing long ago, also adds additional regulatory variety and proves advantageous in drastic fitness changes---though RNA editing works by adding more variants, not greater number of regulatory possibilities (network connectivity) as it is hypothesized for polyploidy. Maybe this explains why the latter is maladaptive in stable fitness landscapes, whereas RNA Editing often isn't?

This Saturday. If you're in Lisbon. After 1am, @RoterdaoC Cais do Sodré, pink street.

A praia de está cheia de manchas de óleo além da espuma que a assola há vários dias. Não sei se a origem é a lavagem ilegal de depósitos de barcos na barra, ou o rio que ainda desagua na praia a céu aberto quando chove?

that made my radar. Top 40 Albums, Top 100 Tracks, Top 20 Remixes/Edits (from E-Trash's sets): bit.ly/CityZen22. The top tracks and remixes are assembled in a Spotify List as well: spoti.fi/3PSimS6.

2022 was a hardworking year, though full of fun travel and reconnection with friends and family---thank you vaccines! I was particularly delighted to get back to DJing to full clubs again. Every year is a great year for music, with such amazing tracks, even if perhaps fewer great albums. I am sure I missed really excellent stuff.

@lamaral opening 2022 with a thought-provoking keynote "An opinionated evaluation of where we are after a quarter century of complex networks“ in Palermo.

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