Are biological near critical? Existing models are not, as shown in our recent work with Jordan C Rozum, Reka Albert, Kyu Hyong Park, and Felipe Costa.
of biomolecular suggests functional modules far from the

So happy to finally see this collaboration with Rion Correia and @alainbarrat out. The distance backbone is a unique, algebraically-principled network subgraph that preserves all shortest paths. We were were excited to find out (with and other data) that the backbones of contain large amounts of redundant interactions that can be removed with very little impact on and spread.


A summary for wider consumption of the paper we have out today.

Method for extracting backbones of 🔀 using recorded👥contacts between 3000 individuals. Individuals used wearable📡proximity sensors.

We're super happy to have contributed the special issue of on The Principle of Dynamical in .

"Effective Connectivity and Bias Entropy Improve Prediction of Dynamical Regime in Networks"

and canalization play major role in predicting , even after accounting for structure, in experimentally-validated biochemical regulation models and random networks. Emphasizing role of redundancy in .systems.

In addition to the positions in and above, I would like to draw your attention to Associate Professor position below which also welcomes (more senior) applicants in the same areas with focus on and .

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Today at 2022 I will give two talks summarizing our lab's work on in . One focusing on network structure (session 4A) and the other on dynamics on and off networks (session 5C). See you there!

If you are interested in network methods, come see Felipe Xavier Costa show that distance can be applied to , session 3C at 2022.

@lamaral opening 2022 with a thought-provoking keynote "An opinionated evaluation of where we are after a quarter century of complex networks“ in Palermo.

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