Updated third chapter of my and class. This semester I added a new subsection about and approaches to studying life, from to . " THE WORLD AND SYSTEMS APPROACH TO LIFE"


Excited about this collaboration with Reka Albert 's lab, chiefly the work of Jordan Rozum with Felipe Costa and Kyu Hyong Park, just published in brand new PRX Life journal devoted to bridging the gap between physical and life sciences. Life is not after all at the ?

"In this study, novel metrics and simulations of experimentally-supported discrete dynamical models of cell processes reveal greater resilience to perturbation than previously observed, challenging the ‘edge of chaos’ theory for biological systems."


Super excited to give invited talk at "Network Science for the " satellite @netsci2023 tomorrow, Tuesday July 11th at 14:55 (Horsaal 3). I will speak about our NIH-NLM funded work on and other

And in case your are interested, giving a (4th!!) talk at the "The Statistical Inference for Network Models Satellite", tuesday July 11th at 12:10(Horsaal 4), on statistical and causal models of in models in sinm.network/sinm2023/

Are biological near critical? Existing models are not, as shown in our recent work with Jordan C Rozum, Reka Albert, Kyu Hyong Park, and Felipe Costa.
of biomolecular suggests functional modules far from the

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