So happy to finally see this collaboration with Rion Correia and @alainbarrat out. The distance backbone is a unique, algebraically-principled network subgraph that preserves all shortest paths. We were were excited to find out (with and other data) that the backbones of contain large amounts of redundant interactions that can be removed with very little impact on and spread.


A summary for wider consumption of the paper we have out today.

Method for extracting backbones of 🔀 using recorded👥contacts between 3000 individuals. Individuals used wearable📡proximity sensors.

Super happy to have participated on this special issue on the principle of dynamical . It was really fun to expand our work on effective connectivity, and with Jordan Rozum, Felipe Costa, and Austin Marcus. An a bonus for publishing in ---makes me feel quite cybernetic!

"We use this method to show that the model’s assumptions on ancient decision making allow the reconstruction of partially known road networks from the Roman era in good detail and from sparse archaeological evidence"

Here is the link to apply to our tenure-track Assistant Professor level positions. We seek early-career researchers working in , , , biomedical complexity, and related topics.

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