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Here is the link to apply to our tenure-track Assistant Professor level positions. We seek early-career researchers working in , , , biomedical complexity, and related topics.

'It’s this kind of libertarianism—the you-do-you ethos of American culture that sees the “public” in public health as anathema, clinging to a medical model of private risk and private cures—that dropped us down to the 40s in global life expectancy rankings before the pandemic, and will land us below the 60s by 2040. “Give me liberty and give me death” is the reigning mantra of America today.'

There are 2 ways to sign up to the United Federation of Instances, for those wondering.

We have over 200,000 members but looking for more before launch.

One, and the most important, is as an instance admin bringing your instance onto the UFoI. For this you dont need to do anything other than ensure you follow our basic code of conduct. See the proposal/by laws for that:

Other than that you dont have to do anything to be a member, and you can be a one person instance or a large instance. You do need to promise to federate with other instances in the UFoI. Also you can leave at any time, no questions asked, so not much obligation.

The other is as an individual.. for that just let me know and ill give you access to everything and add you to the list of contributors. In this case you arent under any obligation either, you can join in on conversationsn, suggest edits, or just lurk. Up to you. Message me if you want to be a contributor and ill add you and check out the repo here:

Any questions first feel free to ask me.

For more information on ways to connect see this post:


Interesting piece on NY Times about a supposed “wood wide web” — an underground fungal network that allows trees to cooperate by sharing nutrients and “communicating”. The widely believed theory is falling apart under scrutiny, and it's becoming clear it should not have been widely accepted in the first place.

One particular item that I found interesting is how the criticisms of the hypothesis were presented very early, but since the original publications were done in a fancy journal (Nature), the debunked claim flourished nevertheless, while the criticisms were forgotten.

This also reminds me of a modern problem with science communication. We're often asked to accept two things simultaneously:

1. Science is a human endeavor, and hence is subject to ideological and cultural biases, societal pressures, consensus dynamics, etc.

2. We need to trust The Science™, and accept the opinion of experts, without second-guessing them.

Obviously we can't have both. This cognitive dissonance is obvious to anyone, and causes distrust in the general population.

It should be clear to any scientist that point 1 is largely true — although not to the same extent across all fields, and certainly not to the absurd levels claimed by some (e.g. that mathematics is inherently white supremacist and needs to be “decolonized”).

Any scientist exerts skepticism in their own field, and there is no reason not to do so for other fields, and not allow the general population to do the same.

I take vaccines and I'm worried about climate change not simply because scientists (even a majority of them) have said so, but because of the evidence and logic presented, which affects my trust on the scientists. I do not trust other fields of science based on the same criteria, despite not having the credentials or detailed expertise — although, of course, one needs to exercise careful humility in these cases.

It's rare to see science communication that embodies skepticism in a healthy way.

#science #sciencecomm #fungus
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"Without modern mechanised transportation and confronted by enormous distances and varying weather by season, the ancient perception of distance had to have differed from our own. A long-distance journey in the Roman Empire, it has been posited, was anywhere beyond five days’ reach: quite the departure from our current ideal of anywhere not accessible within a few hours by car, plane or train."

For a #Cairo dweller, the thing about the Fayum mummy #portraits is that they're faces you see on the street every day. It's like your neighbours and fellow commuters are doing some kind of #Roman cosplay. Except these are 2 thousand year old encaustic on wood paintings attached to sarcophagi in Roman Egypt. And they're the most naturalistic paintings known to humanity before the #Renaissance.

After hearing some feedback,a nd wanting to be fair in my representation, I have change the title of the article. It is now:

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi’s Agenda

I think we can all agree thats a more faithful title.

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
Sp I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post entitled: Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Found to Support Nazi’s Agenda Sadly I wish it was clickbait. You ...

"Living with viruses should mean embracing simple public health measures rather than learning to live with staggering levels of illness and death. "

"A storm of these proportions should demand not only crisis clinical measures, but also community prevention efforts. Yet instead of deploying public health strategies to weather the storm, the U.S. is abandoning them."

The 10 must stunning hikes in New York State - Lonely Planet

If anyone fancies watching a beautiful 6 minute scientific video about #SARSCoV2 life cycle, this is really quite absorbing... #COVID19 #IDMastodon #virology


Hello World!

After 3 years, NetSci is finally back in person!

Vienna, July 10-14 2023.

The conference will be held in the historic main building of the University of Vienna.




Under Elon Musk’s new direction for Twitter, several anti-vaccine accounts with tens of thousands of followers are now verified by paying $7.99 a month for Twitter Blue. My latest for ⁦⁩


Sharing this Time Series Analysis Handbook put together by our first batch of PhD in Data Science students. The handbook extensively covers time series analysis and forecasting, delving from the most fundamental methods to the state-of-the-art.

"The aim of this handbook is to serve as a practitioner’s guide to forecasting, enabling them to better understand relationships in signals."

Using the data from @beatty opencheck project, I have represented the ORCID (left, ~1900 users) and the TWITTER/MASTODON (right, 2250 users) networks.

Color encodes communities, size the # of connections.

In the right-hand one, the bottom-right (green) group consists of many complexity scientists!

#TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialNetworkAnalysis #ComputationalSocialScience #ScienceMastodon #ScienceTwitter

Honey Dijon's "Black Girl Magic" is da bomb! I have already been playing "Show me Some Love" on my sets, but there is way more in this.
C's Up (feat. Mike Dunn) via @YouTube

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