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Here is the link to apply to our tenure-track Assistant Professor level positions. We seek early-career researchers working in , , , biomedical complexity, and related topics.

A Teresa de Sousa é o Zhao Bentang do establishment Americano. Kissinger é um criminoso de guerra racista, demonstravelmente muito mais à vontade com o aparelho do Apartheid ou qualquer fascista fantoche, do que com democracia e liberdade.

Enaltecer este género de criminoso é mais uma contribuição para se denegrir e não se levar a sério as democracias ocidentais---A Hillary Clinton que o diga e o Trump agradece.

New postdoc job in AI / CogSci available at the Santa Fe Institute.

Are you a grad student or postdoc interested in working with me on AI systems for abstraction and analogy?

See for more info. Apply by June 9.

Please share!

(View from our campus)

Am I misunderstanding something?

This appears to be a stunningly irresponsible story in Science, claiming that up to 30% of the scientific literature is fake.

Below, the first two paragraphs of the story.

h/t @Hoch

Clarence Thomas Can’t Undermine the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court Fast Enough

A deusa mais disco-punk do universo da lingua portuguesa. Minha ovelha negra preferida, lá bem na santissima trindade que inclui David Bowie e Miles Davis. Lá foi mais uma incontornável do século XX e não só. Obrigado pela musica e atitude!

"We argue that theories and methods drawn from science are urgently needed to guide the development and use of digital twins for cities. [...]. This is the foundation for a new approach that treats cities not as large machines or logistic systems but as mutually interwoven self-organizing phenomena, which evolve, to an extent, like living systems."

"In that reality of hyper-concentrated power and wealth, AI – far from living up to all those utopian hallucinations – is much more likely to become a fearsome tool of further dispossession and despoilation."

Can't watch a coronation without thinking of this brilliant classic. Happy farcical aquatic ceremony day!

"there were a few relative success stories in East Asia. But everywhere across Europe and the Americas, there are no real successes; it’s just degrees of failure. "

it's also sad that people in the west don't seem to realize how much of a failure the pandemic response was in their countries compared to the relative successes.

Dr. Fauci Looks Back: ‘Something Clearly Went Wrong’

New paper from our our NIH-NLM funded project to develop a user-centered app for patients.

Understanding Contexts and Challenges of Information Management for epilepsy Care

This is the single best piece on pandemic preparedness that I’ve read in three years. From the White House to the Gates Foundation, from the CDC to the various think tanks pondering these issues, you’ve got to take what Anne Sosin and Martha Lincoln say here and act on it. Biomedical approaches, alone, are desperately insufficient to meet the coming plague.

Seems so obvious that companies should revert to their own domains for authoritative information issuance. Spin up their own Mastodon instance, use RSS, whatever. But relying on a third-party domain for authoritative information under their name was always a material risk, and now there is no turning back given the ongoing authentication debacle.

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