The Verge: Google is trying to fix the mistakes of Google Glass.

The Glasshole phenomenon was a great example of neo-Luddite mob behavior. I have wanted wearable computing for decades. It's a supplement for my brain's shortcomings. I'm a strong privacy advocate. It needs to be clear that you are wearing one and you don't use it in private or sensitive locations.

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I think I heard that OFT-2 will land in New Mexico, at White Sands? Very cool!

Atlas V looks like a relatively small rocket. It looks odd to have a payload that has that much larger of a diameter/cross-section than the rocket.

I really don't like to hear Cape Canaveral as a "Space Force Station". Militarizing space is a huge mistake for humanity. For all nations and peoples.

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The Futility of Exoplanet Biosignatures. (arXiv:2205.07921v1 [astro-ph.EP])

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David Barr Kirtley's interview of @benburgis in the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast is excellent, as are all of the G^3 episodes. I cannot recommend that podcast enough. Both host and guest have honest, insightful points of view. It's a good episode, touching on fiction and also on the modern world of social commentary.

As I understand it, this Mastodon instance is focused on tech stuff, not politics. there are other Mastodon servers more suitable for general topics and politics. I'm not a moderator or anything like that. I'm just a user looking for refuge from the culture wars in my interest for tech.

High Country News has a nice interview of the author of the dystopian "The Immortal King Rao".

On hold with the Store support, for 35 minutes. This is no longer funny. They can't fix it? Wow, they hung up on me. I guess they were waiting for me to hang up out of frustration. I was talking to a person, who came on from hold 3 times, asking me to please wait. Then, hang up. I hope they fix the store. Well, it *is* Saturday.

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I'm thinking about buying a Surface Go 2 to run Linux on, but their Store will not let me. They include a free sleeve, and it is required to choose one, but since they are all out of stock, you cannot make the required selection. Locket out. Stuck. Funny!

Wow,, a site, is super slow today. It was down earlier. Anyone know what's happening there?

has this mode called InDemand. They think of it as eCommerce. The project will directly sell you their product after it's ready, after their campaign has concluded and they are shipping.

So, why do they have a 10-day wait before fulfilling the order? No eCommerce site does that. Is it supposed to be some service to the customer? When I order something, I think I want it. I don't want to ponder that after I place the order, for 10 days.

The project I ordered from is making me wait. I guess it is because Indiegogo makes them do this.

Indiegogo really needs to make this optional or provide a way for the customer to waive it so that the project can ship right away.

Is a way to centralize my access to the three sites I'm in? I'm just starting to explore the . I'm happy with Mastodon as a replacement for Twitter. I'm looking for more than that, but I also would like to have one place to go to see all that I'm in, in the Fediverse.

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