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Back in 1968, Republicans endorsed youth involvement in politics.

I wonder what happened that the “baby boomer kids” whose protests in ‘68 helped this “softening” of the conservative establishment are now the most conservative “MAGA” supporting part of the GOP?

The commander in charge of reforming the Canadian Armed Forces’ culture says military leaders are considering limiting alcohol consumption at holiday events.

Really? Why not ban alcohol consumption for military personnel altogether? After all, you don’t want them misbehaving when out of uniform as well.

Not being able to hold your liquor and a tendency to sexual misconduct should be disqualifying factors for entering the military anyway.

@Pat Well, it becomes a problem when that neighbour walks to my property and start shooting and my only option is to return fire.
And even if I would not go as far as call them murderers, I tend to agree with you that the reason why politicians don't do enough in both cases is because they are serving some "higher" purpose set by their big pharma and gun lobby donors instead of serving the people who elected them.

@Pat I'm not against guns. I'm against the notion that you need a gun in order to protect yourself from wackos with guns.
It is always a lonely person with issues on a rampage. There is no good reason to allow the discharge of firearms in residential areas. Get to a firing range and mingle with other responsible gun owners. What's the problem with that?
And you'll have to explain to me the mass murderers from area code 202.


Of course that it can't prevent some wacko from going on a rampage but it may at least minimize the chance of someone accidentally "unwinding" too much in their backyard, especially after a beer or two.

I'm not sure about millions of people shooting guns in their backyards and their neighbors watching over the fence and being happy about it, even in the US.

It is probably different on vast rural properties, but what's the problem with limiting shooting in a densely populated area to well-regulated gun ranges where safety can be assured more reasonably than in your backyard?

It is illegal to build a tree house in your backyard without a permit, but shooting guns is OK? C'mon ...

Firing guns “for fun” outside of properly regulated firing ranges managed by community-sanctioned gun clubs in good standing should be banned and criminalized. Period.

The search for a Texas man who allegedly shot his neighbors after they asked him to stop firing off rounds in his yard stretched into a second day Sunday, with authorities saying the man could be anywhere by now.
The attack happened near the town of Cleveland, north of Houston, on a street where some residents say neighbors often unwind by firing off guns. 🤔


In reality, the region the Big Apple comprises most of is far and away the safest part of the U.S. mainland when it comes to gun violence, while the regions Florida and Texas belong to have per capita firearm death rates (homicides and suicides) three to four times higher than New York’s. On a regional basis it’s the southern swath of the country — in cities and rural areas alike — where the rate of deadly gun violence is most acute, regions where Republicans have dominated state governments for decades.

You obviously never heard of sarcasm. That's what I was using (in the context of the discussion) while "standing my ground" after your rather bullyish suggestion I should "move on".
@mike805 @admitsWrongIfProven @freemo @lmrocha


To what purpose would one have to register their religion?
Unlike a gun that can harm others, one’s beliefs are a deeply personal thing.

@freemo @thatguyoverthere

Yes, a little bit of an agitated reaction from @admitsWrongIfProven but nothing so overblown or any major excalation as the two of you are presenting it.

And you may agree that a heavily armed person with unresolved issues and no social support or interactions is a very scarry proposition.

@mike805 @lmrocha


Well, we all know how things turned out at the end for that particular government in Germany. And I’m not sure they had to consult the gun registry much to find the people they didn’t like (or that didn’t like them).

And, I’m not proposing the confiscation of all legally owned guns like in the UK. Quite the contrary. I want more legally owned, registered and responsibly used guns, but I’m against the return to the Wild West where everyone carries a gun and the one who draws faster gets to stay alive.

If you feel like you need a gun please feel free to (legally) get one, but in these days and age, I should not be required to carry one to feel safe. I believe some of my tax dollars should go for ensuring that, don’t you think?

@admitsWrongIfProven @freemo @thatguyoverthere @lmrocha


It was was “triggered” by @mike805 mention of “extreme cases” needing guns and the example of Switzerland where (if understand that correctly) each canton (state) has its own “well-regulated militia” (or was so in the past?) not sure.

Anyway, responding to nothing in particular. Just a general observation, as having a gun registry seems to be a big issue in the US.

@freemo @thatguyoverthere @lmrocha

@mike805 @admitsWrongIfProven @freemo @thatguyoverthere @lmrocha

The proponents of “guns for all” cite two reasons as far as I can understand:

1️⃣ Protection from violent individuals with or without guns, and
2️⃣ Protection from a rogue government that wants to take your guns.

In the first case, the regulation of gun ownership is not an issue, while in the second it is irrelevant because you are already in the middle of a civil war and, one way or another, you’ll find or be given a gun soon.


If your goal is really to deal with all categories of violence, I don’t think that indiscriminately giving everyone a gun is helping at all. I wonder if the fact that there are so many unregulated guns on the streets has any influence on why the police shoot first and then ask questions. I also don’t believe they are too happy with the expansion of the, no questions asked, concealed carry in some states.

Also, @freemo still didn’t convince me that guns have any positive impact on other kinds of violence. If this was true, with the number of guns per capita in circulation, the USA would be the least violent country on the planet. Do you have any indication that the rate of other violent crimes is higher in countries with fewer firearms?

@mike805 @lmrocha @admitsWrongIfProven

Oh, there are plenty of countries like that. I believe you are in one right now. Didn’t bring a gun with you, did you? @thatguyoverthere @mike805 @lmrocha


Yes. That’s exactly my point.

You should be, as an individual, protected from being killed, raped, or prevented to use a gun for legitimate reasons, but in this imperfect world you are not, so joining a group or club or some other kind of people’s gives you more protection than if you are facing all of that alone. In some way, these community-sanctioned associations can become a replacement for gangs.

I think this applies to 2) as well. Instead of just shoving a gun into the victim’s hands and calling it done, set up a women’s shelter or some other safe community place they can use, or get a GPS tracker on the bozo. Yes, it will violate his human rights and hurt his feelings, but who cares.

@thatguyoverthere @mike805 @lmrocha

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