Drug possession no longer illegal in Washington state for the time being. The law that made possession a crime was just ruled unconstitutional in Washington Supreme Court.

So, until the state legislature passes a new bill you're not a criminal for simply possessing drugs on you.

@NYPost Lex Luthor won't go down so easily, the modern day Edison found out.

@mono Just had to stop to give you props on the name...FREE MONEY, fucking brilliant.

@dv8 ...now on to our next problem, we seem to elect idiots in to power...like, all the time it seems.

@dv8 that mayor should probably take his own advice...

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to be like George Washington!"

"Awww that's so cute!"

Years later


@dv8 well, now I think we might be getting somewhere...

@dv8 I don't know, all I can picture is a situation where everywhere that isn't on fire, is freezing... So basically leaving your average texan with the choice of burning to death, or freezing to death.

@dv8 then you're sure to love the ever increasing levels of heavy metals and microplastics in your food chain!!!!!!

Every coming decade looks like another step closer to the climate chaos that everyone has understood to be the truth lurking in the insipid phrase “climate warming.” The heavy metals will continue, day by day, to accumulate in the food chain, along with radioactive nuclides and all the other invisible but fatal pollutants. So every attempt to block the global system, every movement, every revolt, every uprising should be seen as a vertical attempt to *stop time*, delay the catastrophe and begin to branch off in a less fatal direction.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

~Henry David Thoreau

challenge was to write a function that takes a string as an input and returns true if all the characters in the string are unique, and false otherwise.

Roast my attempt, but not too hard I just started.

@trinsec it does auto save progress, but unless you save the file once manually, you're working on an temporary file that gets auto saved, so like, it all stayed there between closing and opening of VS, but it TECHNICALLY was never saved as a real proper file in a proper directory. Sigh.

Last week I couldn't figure out why I was getting weird errors, turned out VS was defaulting to an older version of python.

So now I'm constantly wondering, am I messing up the code, or is there some weird little thing I don't even know to check that's throwing a wrench in to the works (ala its not saved like this time, or defaulting to the wrong python version in VS)


pro tip: you should save the file in visual studio code before you try to call it in another file, otherwise you'll spend an hour wondering why "word_list" isn't there even though it looks like it's in there...it wasn't saved.

*learning pain*

@gawrsh I pictured Jeffrey getting the news that he has to return the $62 million in stolen tips to the drivers, and throwing a tantrum that concluded with him saying "WELL THEN I QUIT, I'M GOING TO GO PLAY WITH MY ROCKET SHIP LOSERS" and left.

But hey, at least he won't be stealing the tips from the drivers any more.

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