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‘Eat local’ is a common recommendation to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet.

But transportation makes up a very small amount of the greenhouse gas emissions from food.

*What* you eat is far more important than *where* your food traveled from.

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Just in case anyone is curious it costs me a little over $1,200 a month to run QOTO and all its services.

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We published #Fedilab 3.7.3 in beta.

You will now be able to display all messages in profiles for remote accounts (Mastodon accounts from another instance).

You just have to click on that new icon (magnifying glass).

If you interact with remote messages from the profile, it will work like for followed instances.

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Play an audible sound (alert.wav) 5 times when the host is pingable again.
until ping -c 1 -w 1 > /dev/null ; do echo -n ; sleep 1 ; done ; play alert.wav repeat 5

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Sono molto confusa da questa pasta sponsorizzata Thor: Love and Thunder

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@rastinza good luck with your PhD - I’m just finishing the last bit of analysis and then the big write up begins

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Are you interested in using deep learning for genomic predictions? Join my lab!

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No me interesa mucho de este cosa de Twitter y tal, pero soy muy feliz de no vivir en América.
Como pueiser legal esta cosa?

Hello experienced programmers, I ask for advice regarding my workflow.
I'm writing a lot of small programs to use on a server in order to execute several operations and calculations.
My workflow is to simply open the server, open vim and write the code; then store it directly in a stow directory if it's python or its compiled binary if it's something else.
The more I do this the more I realize this is unsustainable:
- I'm not using git, which is problematic as I often have to come back and make some adjustments.
- I cannot use a different IDE, which I would prefer.
- I don't really have proper personal backups.

The advantage of this, is that I just have to write the code and I can immediately use it.
What I would like is: write the code on my personal computer and seamlessly have the software available in my server ~/.local/bin to be run.
I do not want to have to run rsync 20 times in order to do this.
Do you know how I could set up my system in order to achieve this?
Thank you.

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Hi, I'm Cristina, an italian professional working in , where I lead a master program in of .

I hate writing so I don't know how it happened that I started two blogs, wrote books, magazine colums, and papers ... All about , , and .

I enjoy exploring weird conversations on social media, and sharing memes on Telegram.

I love :blobcatboo: , 🎶 👽 and
I spend my freetime playing (and filling my timeline after the

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>"I just hope my boss never makes my same mistake, or I'll owe him a beer I guess..."

...or a hit of acid. :arainblob:

Tried this language model by Facebook
Quite cool, you can ask some questions and it provides you with a brief answer, sometimes the answer is completely wrong but most of the times it's adequate and could actually be used to further do some research; still it would be much better to just search wikipedia...

You get some funny replies at times, such as:

Question: What is the twitter?
Answer: twitter

Question: What is facebook?
Answer: Sorry, your query didn't pass our content filters. Try again and keep in mind this is a scientific language model.

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Replication crisis:

“Don't get me wrong, I think there are real reasons to be concerned....But I'm not sure calling it a crisis is particularly helpful because I think that can just be a bit distracting.”

Interview with Marcus Munafo, chair of the UK Reproducibility Network


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Endlich Rundkolben in der ergonomischen Linkshänder-Variante! (r/chemistry)

Hello there,
I'm using an ethernet connection that gives access based on the MAC address of clients.
The connection works, but using NetworkManager it fails at the DHCP lease renewal step after some time and I get stuck with an old IP address that I cannot use, I tried both the integrated dchp client and dhclient.
Using systemd-networkd works fine and the renewal goes well.

Do you know what could be the problem? What dhcp client does systemd use?

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This is great: the Mastodon API supports reading/writing of your read position via the `markers` API. If clients implemented this (it doesn’t look any of them do) we could have cross-client timeline position syncing!

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I’m working on a #Chemisty #art project. What is your favorite software for displaying beautiful #organic #molecules - 3D and line? Cheap or free is even better. Thanks!! #sciencemastodon #chemtoots #ChemistryMastodon #ChemistryTwitter

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