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inspection. Water levels are fine, but it's too warm for this time of the year.

Pietruszka – the Guardian of the Stairs. From this vantage point she can look out through two windows and yap about approaching catastrophies.

A few more days of sub-zero temperatures and we can go skating. Right now the ice won't hold anything heavier than

This is a nice spot to sit and admire the huge meadows, but not today. Not all of us have thick furs to protect us from the strong north-western wind.

The ice still pretty thin – it would break under his weight and he'd get his drink, but he'd then get his feet wet, so he's waiting for me to help him.

Some more wet snow and this tree will crash and block our road. Hope the diesel in the chainsaw didn't freeze. The dogs, , don't give a damn – the supplies of their food will last for a few weeks.

walking on thin ice. Their survival depends on those long tails, which we use to drag them out of the bogs.

A NATO E-3B Sentry is watching our dogs, , from the sky. Pietruszka, the operations specialist, is watching NATO from the ground. It took a while, but she got used to it and barks only once in a while. NATO doesn't bark back.

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