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Sorry about our neighbour's pine tree, but recent strong winds broke it and the remnants had to be cut to pieces. Pietruszka is happy as she found another great pedestal for her monuments.

Ależ ciociu!

[when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you]

J'y suis, j'y reste!

Yes, the are a bit sloped, but water won't flow out of the picture because it is still frozen.

I left some post stamps on my desk. I forgot that some of the dogs can climb on top of a tiny doghouse standing next to my desk. Guess someone won't get their postcards. [the two mauled stamps commemorate an old Polish comic book series "Kajko and Kokosz"]

I wonder what made this hole – there were a few of them in the area. Vuko didn't try to dig so I assume whatever it was it isn't below that ice but just walked away :)

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Bruno, the oldest and wisest of the whole pack, doesn't think it's a good idea to walk on ice.

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Today is probably the last day we can walk on frozen wetlands meadows near our house. Coming days will bring rain and higher temperatures and then we'll have to wait weeks before everything here dries.

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