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It looks like a squirrel, climbs like a squirrel, barks like a squirrel. Weird things in the of .

This power pole is fifty or sixty years old. Made of reinforced concrete, it holds up the wires that bring electric power to our house. If it fails it will be replaced by a plastic pole, and I have no idea how long it would last. Guess we have to go completely off-grid.

After almost a week without driving from my house I finally went to the nearest village store to buy some food. I think I shouldn't repeat another expedition like that before spring.

are wet, they are happy. Our , , are wet, some are happy, some not. Our bedsheets will suffer from the canine vectored transfer of wetness. We're not happy about that, but generally we're happy.

On today's walk in the of we found remnants of the spirit of Christmas.

Something delicious must have died here. Or became delicious some time after it died.

A Christmas walk with in , Poland. In Poland smiling is – officially – regarded as not natural. Now you understand why.

This Acer rubrum disrupts the basic colours of our forest. It's an invasive species here in , but we won't cut it down. We're an invasive species here too.

Bruno inspecting the . We have thaw and snow is slowly melting but at temperatures around 4°C it will take many days before it disappears.

One of those neighbours whom we really like. They don't bother us, we don't bother them.

One of them loves snow. The other hates it. Both are happy there's no way I could drive them to the vet today (this is our only road to the outside world).

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