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Today is the . I can only hope that this place, which I pass many times on my way to work, will still be so wet in the coming years.

Good to see that, despite government pressure, not all wild boars have been killed.

A bit more rain and we'll be proud owners of waterfront property. At least for a few weeks. If this water freezes we'll finally be able to go .

We shouldn't be seeing this moss. It's Janury in in Eastern Poland. It should under a metre of snow.

No one wanted to go on this walk, but once we started it was quite refreshing.

When we walk with Bruno we don't pick tough paths. Now we could take an old, abandoned road through the forest. Some of the trees that grow on this road are at least 20 years old. Older fallen trees often block the way. Some of jump over them, some walk under.

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Guess who decided that going on a long walk in this weather is a very bad idea. It's around 0°C, humid, cloudy, the snow is very wet. There's a lot of metal in one of his legs, following an accident years ago, and he picks only good weather for longer walks.

Queen of the bog. Just for a while. All this water will disappear in the summer. This place could remain wet all year round, but this would mean a financial loss for local farmers, so it is constantly drained. And when drought comes, the government will provide some superficial aid.

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