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The short moment when everything goes green and Masza's camouflage is briefly useless.

Contrails in the skies above us have become very rare since the start of the war in 2022 as all civilian traffic was moved away from the border, so of course we'd like to know what was going on today. Nothing appeared on airplane tracking sites.

I wonder if they finally caught the wind of coal deposits just a few hundred metres below.

Spotted somewhere halfway between our two test gateways in the of . Wish I could put a GPS tracker on it, but I'm too humble to apply for the Darwin Award..

My instance is back. I can upload pictures. But it still seems to be lost in the forest, like the dog in the picture. I can't boost toots I find on my other instance, lots of 500 errors. Hope it will be fixed soon.

The dried grass on fallen trees shows how deep the water was here recently. It was impossible to walk here at this time of the year in recent years.

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