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Found a neat bridge made by – this time it was equipped with and anti-slip feature.

My wife took a look at another image from the series and asked if this blob in the lower left corner could be a northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus). She thought she heard one earlier today. It would be great if we had them here, they're losing their habitats quickly.

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on the Emerald Path. , just what the ancient DSP in my camera decided to produce.

The office view today. Something seemed off, a few pixels were different.

Yesterday was a busy Sunday. We started testing the range of one gateway, so we had a nice walk through the forests of with @ftdl

An important messsage to those who think of coming to visit us – don't.

The saddest story: For sale: baby skates, never worn.

Yes, we used to skate here many winters ago.

Our wetlands have many sources of pungent stuff Pietruszka likes to roll in, so we sometimes call her Stinkerbell, or, in Polish, usrałka.

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