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"Of the 119 Alaskans who spoke during the nearly five-hour hearing held Thursday evening by the House Education Committee, 103 opposed the bill and only 16 were in favor of it.

Apayauq Reitan, the first openly transgender woman to run the Iditarod, was one of many gender nonconforming individuals who said the bill would make life more difficult for children unfamiliar with different gender expressions — like she once had been.

“I never saw girls like me. By the time I was realizing I’m trans by researching online, I had already gone through testosterone puberty. I wish I would have learned about trans people before that happened,” Reitan said before waving the transgender pride flag she had carried at the Iditarod finish line last year."
#LGBTQIA+LivesMatter #LGBTQIA+RightsAreHumanRights #RejectHB105 #Alaska

@jpuritz I use masks to protect people from me, and I'm aware they protect me only just a little bit. Did many people at the conference mask?

Important reminder that one-way masking is not full proof. Went to a conference this week. I wore a well-fitting N95 at all times in indoor spaces that weren’t my hotel room. Only ate outdoors or alone in my hotel room.

The only way I could have been more careful was to not go.

@willCuThere :



@linuxgal Isn't drag racing illegal in most southern states right now?

@noodlejetski @bkahn I know, of course, but I hate breaking the chain of consistency.

@hasmis @bkahn She usually does, but I can’t find the pictures right now :)

I drove to the village store to buy some ice cream. Only ice cream. I came back with two kinds of cheese, a box of eggs, a bottle of whisky, and three boxes of stuff we bought online (our village store is a crucial hub – delivery people leave stuff there and save themselves a 6 kilometre drive through mud to our house). One of the boxes had an extra that we didn't order, but those were some magical gingko/omega/whatever pills to aid memory, close to the expiry date. . Nice/cheap touch. Then I remembered I forgot ice cream.

@bkahn This got me thinking about lexical inequality again – Polish diacritical marks are hard, I once mistyped "ę" as "e" and now it still gets suggested, so it's easy to repeat the error. Twitter didn't give a damn about diacritical marks, it just converted (correctly). Not sure their conversion is good – makes life easier, but introduces interesting errors.

@bkahn Yes, and the apex point of that paradise is our bed. We'll need a bigger washing machine.

@bkahn I made a typo in the hashtag, it should have been . There are many pictures of Masza in puddles there :)

@emill1984 Czekam. Póki co potencjalnie rozsiewam fejka zadając pytanie :)

Jak myślicie sobie, że kurwa wszyscy jesteśmy równi, to idź dla testu zmienić sobie w urzędzie, w dowodzie imię np. z Sebastian na Iwona.

Bez sensu?

Dla ciebie. Dla wielu osób oznacza to żyć, albo trwać.

Spróbuj gieroju, przetestuj na sobie.

A później przyjdź i opisz mi wrażenia z tego, że wszyscy mamy równe prawa itd itp.

P.S. Nie masz takiej potrzeby? A inne osoby mają. Więc temat jest.

Z tymi kremówkami w InterCity to nie był fake?


I had a pair of Canada geese fly right over me. Scared the crap out of me, lol. I think I interrupted their together time and I swear they did it on purpose because there was no reason at all for them to take off from where they were and to fly directly at me honking all the way. Barely had time to get the camera up. This was at 95mm on a 70-300mm kit lens. Definitely crazy birds, lol.

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