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Today is #WorldWetlandsDay!

Wetlands can help reduce the impact of #ClimateChange and are key to achieve the #EUGreenDeal targets for 2050

That’s why we proposed to restore at least 30% of 🇪🇺 wetlands & damaged ecosystems in our #NatureRestoration Law👉!qFDVgf

Inmates at a prison in Poland have suffered beatings, suffocation and even waterboarding at the hands of guards, according to a report.

Prosecutors are now investigating, but the prison authorities say they have doubts about the "objectivity" of the report.

A few months ago, we warned that malevolent people were buying Google ads leading people to fake #GIMP websites to trick them into downloading malware.
Apparently this is still continuing to this day (as were reported to us). Google is still not blocking these fake ads despite the many reports and articles which happened for months now. 😓

Be careful and always make sure where you download your software from. Also the GIMP project doesn't buy ads!

The worth of #Wetlands has been acknowledged, celebrated + protected across the globe for 50+ years.

But #NovaScotia Minister of #Environment + #ClimateChange Tim Halman, continues treating them as expendable pawns in various "development" schemes.

In honour of tomorrow's #WorldWetlandsDay, here's a link to our latest press release, FOIPOP + notes:

expired: "blogs" and "rss"

tired: paying for lots of newsletters on substack

wired: paying openai $20/mo for chatgpt+ and telling it to write you daily newsletters in the style of the writers you used to pay

I’m reading about pediatric drug review, and I love this phrasing: we have shifted from the view that we must protect children from research, to protecting children through research

To przykre myśleć, że te wszystkie horrory zgotowane przez kler to nie wynik nieopanowanej, patologicznej chuci zboczeńców, tylko racjonalnego zamysłu socjopatów.

When I started the #instance I didn't know if this was going to work, but the local timeline is starting to look great!

Lots of great posts from people practicing #RegenAg methods in different climates. Links to events, new ideas, projects. So cool, happy to share a server with you all!

#WordyWednesday: Umquhile!

This is a *very* cromulent word that I didn't know existed until yesterday (courtesy of Word Sleuth on Instagram). It's an adjective meaning former, late, or deceased, and is Scottish in origin.

Some say it's pronounced "umm-kwy-l," but it also popped up as "umm-while." I suppose it doesn't really matter because you'll sound pretentious using this word no matter what. Keep it handy for Scrabble though.

Etymology (Merriam-Webster):
Middle English, from Old English ymbhwīle, adverb, at times, sometimes, from ymb, ymbe around, about, at + hwīle while

#HisAndHearsePress #Vocabulary #OldEnglish #Glossary #WritingCommunity #Funeral #Death #WordOfTheDay

"Czarnek w rozmowie z dziennikarzami wyśmiał całą sprawę wskazując, iż 40 mln, jakie resort przekazał dla 42 organizacji, daje średnio po kilkaset tysięcy złotych na każdą z nich. Dlatego też dziennikarze mieli „wystawić się na śmieszność” dopytując się o te dotacje. Wyjaśnił jednocześnie, że pieniędzy resort nie daje tylko „lewakom i komunistom”."

Signs you have carpenter ants:

* keep finding tiny tools
* city sends a very tiny permit to affix to baseboard
* “when you try to move a book” you are told to “keep this entrance clear,ma’am” because of the “cement delivery coming later”
* Your dish rack is dismantled “because it’ll be cheaper to rebuild from scratch”
* no room on the dresser due to like 85 tiny pickups illegally parked there
* husband keeps hearing high pitched wolf whistles when exiting shower

Solidarity with teachers striking in the UK. I'm actually amazed it's taken as long as this. The department for education has been a basket case for so long and funding for schools, pay and supporting services needs to be sorted now.

People that got "As" in AP history, that didn't know this, are running to their favorite search engine right now to try and fact check this. Let's wait for them... ⏳

Why do US people not know their own history?

Before folks ask, "Why was I not taught this in school?!" Look at what DeSantis is doing to AP history in Florida. You know exactly why you weren't taught this in school. Because it's easier to get you to accept mistreatment of Black people, if you don't know white American history.

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