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I always mentally wonder about vs , knowing that 's decision to avoid is very deliberate. But TypeScript is conquering the world; is that an ad populum sign that Types are really a better way to go? Or does ClojureScript offer other things instead? If so, what are they, and to do the benefits of each option find value in different situations?

One of my biggest peeves is people spending time and effort "fixing" problems that have already been solved. I don't need you to fix my copy-paste! Stop coming up with replacements for email, planning, doing the dishes/laundry, etc. Unless your complaint is more substantive than "it's just hard for me," or "I'm used to something else".

If your complaint is inconvenience or difficulty, the answer probably doesn't require a disavowal of previous solutions, just a refinement for you (let's give you shortcuts, or reconsider the problem we are facing). ah! Sorry. I shouldn't have missed that. The big technical difference, then, would be the ability to in-line a spoiler, which isn't possible with a details block. It also carries different semantics and is used differently. 

I didn't actually read it....

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who thinks about current events or who thinks in general.

(comment on Thinking in Systems)

People consistently underestimate how long programming tasks will take, because it's nearly impossible to think of everything that will need to be done on even very simple tasks. That's why it's better to use small/medium/large and use a time estimate based on what past tasks of that size took.

The problem gets superlinearly worse as the complexity of the task increases, which is why the scale can't be extended to extra large and above: the variance just becomes too high.

Now, apply this thinking to monumental tasks like AGI, or even autonomous driving.

@simongray @seancorfield In my case it was not blackmail but a thinly veiled threat like, "I know where you live"

As exhausting as it can be, I feel like many open source software maintainers could make a reasonable dent into the net hatred put into this world by choosing to quietly ignore the issues they think are stupid rather than trying to publicly humiliate the people who file them

I received an unexpected "encrypted" email from my lawyer that includes the phrase, "If you have received this message, then you are the intended recipient. It is impossible to receive this message by error." It links only to a website, marcord. Now, the original message from him has all the trappings his emails always have -- do not share disclosures, intended recipient stuff, etc. The same footer. All-in-all, it looks like a rare breed of high-brow scam artistry.

@simongray @seancorfield The trouble is with bad actors (which can include companies). I have had people say threateningly, "Good thing it's so easy to find you!"

I probably cared less about this back when I didn't have a family I wanted to protect

Liebe #Duesseldorf-Bubble: Freund sucht einen Blechbläser für einen Martinsumzug in Bilk am Samstag. Jemand Lust oder Idee? -> DM

Boost please…

I seem to have put my chips in long ago on the awkward " vs " thing, before I actually knew much about data privacy. it is an interesting debate in this era of content creators and social media. Are those two things both incompatible with privacy?

When we're as surrounded by streaming platforms as we are now, it's easy to forget that the DRM-free life still exists. Even now, there are dozens of record labels, publishers, and online retailers that refuse to abuse their customers. Learn about them in the Guide: #EndDRM #DRM

#Clojurescript using #JS libraries via importmap

using the importmap feature (supported by all modern browsers), as an alternative way for Clojurescript apps to access npm dependencies.

#clojure #frontend #npm

And the one-line winner for downloading a list of URLs is `parallel wget < moira.html`, credit to @icedquinn

The nature of the URLs produced a list of files with useless names. But a little refactoring and regexp of the source list and then an , and they were all renamed sensibly.

@icedquinn I was unaware of parallel. I installed it, blinked, and the process was done!

I have a big list of URLs to files. What's the easiest way to download all of them?

@ljrk leiningen uses the Maven store, but the interface is better

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