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The Beauty of as a language really shone for me yesterday when I was data crawling -- nay, slogging -- through a big multi-type nested blob.

your "abundance of caution" is super annoying, and costing us lots of time and broke our CICD. Still, probably better than hacks.

The simple beauty of modulus arithmetic extended to 3D, coded in #clojure. Inspired by some of @guidoschmidt recent renders :)

Finalizing a project, with and was the right tool for bulk replacing per-file CSS

Here's a first: did a Google search on something and one of my own Mastodon posts came up as a result.

Beginning to think that the cultural norm here of not allowing search isn't going to last all that much longer.

webxdc: at least 200 times more interesting than Web3 :)

I am really interested in this tech, and

@zulip and... it's back now, and all my queued messages went through at once 😂

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One of the big downsides to being a hosted language like is that, regardless of how awesomely stable the ideology with the language itself, you can't avoid problems if your host decides to make breaking changes. I am still doing damage control on the painful 9+ , where they decided it was time to shrink Java's core library and various dependent packages broke.

We are excited to announce that
@zulip will be participating in the
Google Summer of Code program for the 8th time this year. Anyone new to #opensource development can apply -- we'd love to see you in our community! #GSoC2023

@zulip is hosted service email down right now? My zulip is neither receiving nor sending from my hosted instance right now.

I remember seeing some research about productivity and remote work--they studied both telemarketers and customer service reps handing inbound service or support calls.

The employees taking inbound calls did better working remote, but the telemarketers did better co-located (because they could pump each other up in between getting hung up on or yelled at)

Anyone else remember this and have a link?

The problem with the @username syntax is that, while the functionality is as common as emojis, it depends on the implementation of whatever host -- so what you write on Mastodon will not be treated the same on Twitter, or Instagram, or Telegram, or wherever else you are @ing. So hashtags are a much more universally portable way of communicating, and don't require linkage to a particular account or service. Also, a pity it doesn't have a formal name, like "octothorpe".

I guess that's the story of Google. And possibly FaceBook.

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Data-Powered proprietary software betraying the ideal of open information that birthed it

Does anyone know how to convert my images from webp to small-ish png? Right now when I run dwebp, the resulting png is at least triple the file size of the webp. But when my camera saves directly to png, it's same quality but much smaller filesize. What's with this?

You take one weekend off to have a baby, and 450 emails are awaiting... well, at least it stayed in low triple-digits.

One power of the Personal Development Environment (): the ability to jump to my notes files from any place in my work.

AND.... suddenly it's working. I didn''t do anything, but 45 minutes of debugging.

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