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I mentioned this in a private message to someone recently about why a small handful of servers block qoto. I wanted to reiterate it here for the new comers on QOTO who dont know the history:

So there are some servers out there that demand every server int he network block every instance they do, and if a server doesnt block an instance they block then they block you in rettatliation.

Their reason for this is quite flawed but it goes like this.. If we federate with a bad actor instance and we boost one of their posts then their users will see it and defeat the purpose of the block. The problem is, this isnt how it actually works. If they block a server and we boost it, they wont see the boost, thats how blocks work.

The issue becomes even more complicated when you consider the fact that these servers, by virtue of their policy, have huge block lists where they block tons of major servers. So in order to satisfy them we too would have to block a huge number of servers.

This means you have a choice, you either join a server that isnt blocked, but has a huge block list themselves, or, you join a server that doesnt block and be blocked by a small handful of servers. Obviously that means on QOTO you will have bigger view of the world than you would on any of these others servers. In fact QOTO has onne of the largest federation footprints of any server in the network.

I want to also explain why we choose the decision we did. Years ago when this controversy started and servers across the fediverse started blocking there was a divide of people taking sides. WOTO was one of the few servers that didnt take sides and allowed people read content from any server (but with strict hate speech rules). This caused a huge influx of people,s pecifically from the LGBTQ community, onto our server. It turns out many people relied on us not-blocking for their physical safety. There were big name biggots (like milo yanappolus) who were on the network. They used their accounts here to watch his account for doxing so they could warn themselves and their community and protect themselves accordingly. In fact we added a feature just for them called subscriptions which allowed them to monitor accounts without following them so they could do so anonymously.

In tthe end for the safety of the LGBTQ community here we refused to engage in mass server blocking and instead encouraged our users to block servers on an individual basis and provided access to block lists for them to do so. But some really misguided servers blocked us anyway.

Thankfully the servers blocking us are few and far between and are limited to only the most excessive and aggressive block lists. As I said, QOTO has one of the largest federation footprints on the fediverse,

“Really though, Doctor, tell me, who are you?”

We are tiny pieces of the Universe that have evolved to the point where we know that fact & also which physical processes gave rise to the elements that make us up.

Today’s APOD: a periodic table colour-coded by which astrophysical processes made the elements, from the Big Bang to nucleosynthesis, dying stars, cosmic rays, & colliding neutron stars. Work by

#Astrodon #Science

I picked up a bunch of these from a local vape shop that happened to have a humidor in the back. I don’t think that their humidor sees much turnover. This is the third one of these I’ve had, and they are just as good as you would imagine given that yellowed cellophane. My guess is they been sitting in there for at least 2 years.

Probably a bit over humidified, but they taste great, so apparently no harm done.

As someone else mentioned, many of those could be people migrating between instances. I created accounts on four different servers and prefer the one that I’m posting this from, but I do occasionally use the others.

That said, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if some people try this out and then decide to leave. I’m thinking of people who really want their posts to go viral. Some people who desire that may post controversial takes just to get a reaction. I prefer more thoughtful discourse, so I really am enjoying this form of social media. I spend more time on here than reddit or Facebook. (I never used Twitter much, though I had an account from the early days.)

I would love to see more institutional adoption of fediverse servers, though.

Thanks for the fix for posting images on I just tried one a few minutes ago and it worked.

I have tried a lot of different apps. I have just been using a mind map for the past year or so. I prefer to be able to fold details and subtasks that way. It is pretty rare that I have a task that has to be scheduled for a particular day, but in that case I just put it on my calendar.

That said, today doesn’t seem like a bad day to see if there’s something that might work better for me. I used to use Meister Task, but it did not integrate with Mind Meister (a mind mapping tool) the way I wanted it to. I think I’ll give it another look and see if that has changed in the past year or two since I last tried it.

As a maintainer of OpenSource libraries and packages, there is something that kept feeling off in the whole Software Supply Chain discourse. I think this comes down to something simple.

I am not a Supplier.
You can read more explanation there


Wall Street has consolidated into 5 giant banks.

Airlines have merged from 12 carriers in 1980 to 4 today.

A handful of drug companies control the pharmaceutical industry.

Four giants control over 80% of meat processing.

The evidence of corporate concentration is everywhere.

Interesting that the conclusions of the article do not match the conclusions of the study. Here is the study conclusion:

Our results suggest that an intermittent fasting program in which all calories are consumed in an 8-h window each day, in conjunction with resistance training, could improve some health-related biomarkers, decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males.
It gets easier the more you do it. I also find that reducing carbs makes a big difference for me. I found that after a week or so of vegetables and meats with no starches, I can do 24h with very little hunger.

It is still early days for my fasting journey, but that has been a key for me. Good luck!

A plea to journalists covering the Fediverse:

If you want to pitch a story and the only people you can think of to talk to are Gargron and the Journa Host admin, please don't.

Instead, use the time you saved to learn more about how this network functions, who the people behind ActivityPub are (and what that even is), who the people keeping instances running are, who the people moderating instances are; you can even get your hands dirty by digging through the Mastodon GitHub issue queue and learn why exactly some design decisions ended up the way they did, it's all right there!

Mastodon is not off-brand Twitter. You do this entire community a massive disservice by painting it as such, and you do our profession a disservice by expressing a complete lack of curiosity about this community before you report on it.

Thank you.

This is a very enlightening examination of how broken capitalism is (and how to fix it), presented in a really interesting way.

He talked about electric cars. I don't know anything about cars, so when people said he was a genius I figured he must be a genius.

Then he talked about rockets. I don't know anything about rockets, so when people said he was a genius I figured he must be a genius.

Now he talks about software. I happen to know a lot about software and Elon Musk is saying the stupidest shit anyone's ever said, so when people say he's a genius I figured I should stay the hell away from his cars and rockets.

This is the most accurate characterization and narrative of Musk I have seen. A worthwhile read, and much appreciated.

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