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We are thrilled to announce that there will be a Swiss Python Summit in 2020, hosted again by!


You can find all the details at

A call for participation will be published in a few weeks.

Hello. I am the CEO of the Mastodon Dot Com Ltd "Webbed Site". As part of our ongoing programme of site improvement, we have decided to ban police from our webbed site. This is due to the effect that police can have on marginalised communities, such as the tax evaders in our accounting department. Thank you for your attention.

- CEO, Mastodon Dot Com Ltd.

Seems is seeing a third wave of users coming in now. Back when we peaked during the indian exodus we had about 200 new users a day or more, it fell back down to 32 users a day as of 2 days ago, but now today we are back up to 79 new users a day right now! Very cool.

We have also seen a nice spike in toot count, which is good to see, especially considering all the excellent STEM content I see in my steam, loving it!

This pattern seems normal for qoto everytime we have a new wave of users to mastodon. We first get an initial wave, it settles down, then we get a second wave as users learn about the network and decide to migrate over to qoto. It is all very exciting to see.

I'm curious about how this comes about though. Is it just people learning about the network, word of mouth, or perhaps some other factor. As a Data Scientist I crave more data purely out of curiosity.

Either way, welcome new users!

Brave is showing up in my newsfeeds again, so

Periodic reminder that Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave Software, is a homophobe who donates to anti-LGBT organizations.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't use the browser. But you should probably be wary of any monetization attempts, since we know where that money will go.

It's spelled "", but it's pronounced "Fuck no I'm not enabling Javascript on your fucking pants so-called Website".

> yearns fruit juice

> blatantly ignores the 8 whole lemons in fridge

3 different missing people from Glasgow news today, yikes.

Reading I have to say:

Make The Web simple again! Those organizations won't because of the sheer inertia they face within and outside their projects (which is fine for now), but someone has to.

For software developers: please contribute to NetSurf, Dillo, my own Rhapsode, and/or create your own take. For webdevs: make sure your sites look fine there.

@a9 OH MY GOD i just looked at the actual source code and i can't BELIEVE i actually submitted this as an assignment

@freemo @Rovine

That's perfectly fine -- planning should start on paper and pencil, or a large white board or blackboard.

Things get too complex to hold in one's conscient mind. Making notes and spreading things around on the table sure helps; you can focus on a smaller piece and deal with it, then move back and look at the picture, what should come next?

Too big to chew? Take it one Byte at a time. 😉 🍷

I don't know what holds me back from doing it most of the time, maybe physical laziness, but I tend to solve most of my programming problems by putting the damn problem on paper first.

The FSM attempt in my assignment was a real confusing mess that froze my mind, until I turned to pen and paper to sort it out.

Taking a break now from my assignment game dev.

Implemented simple finite state machine to switch between player turns.

Next up is to actually play the damn board game itself.

Have I ever shared my blog here? I dont think so. I need to update it but it has a lot of good content if your into STEM. You guys should check it out:

(I posted this a few minutes ago which made me realize the link was down. I fixed it and should work now)

I was using VS Code as my code editor for Unity scripts. Switched over to JetBrains Rider - proprietary but I got free educational license with my uni alumni email.

Now I feel like I'm being spoiled so hard by a proprietary IDE: full Unity API integration, auto recognition of Unity project folders and related scripts in the same game, separate IDE windows for different game projects.

I suppose some things in life are worth paying for.

I'm remaking this ancient board game Royal Game of Ur as part of my game dev assignment, wish me luck.

My intro to Royal Game of Ur:

BOFH excuse #450:

Terrorists crashed an airplane into the server room, have to remove /bin/laden. (rm -rf /bin/laden)

I find it interesting that the AI used to produce the faces at are so good yet the teeth in the images are usually the only part that looks off, sometimes its really bad. I can always identify it as fake from the teeth where the rest of the face looks real.

Odd because you would think the teeth would be the easy part,.

Every once in a while, say 1 - 3 months, I make "that list" which sum up what I've got going on, what productive things I am on track or should be on track with, and my goals, blah blah blah blah.

It never occurred to me to include "fun things to do" in that list. I forget about the games I was having fun with but got sidetracked from, hobbies that I genuinely had fun doing but self doubt interrupted me on the way.

Now's about that time again for me to make that list, but this time, more human.

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