Rose_Cobain27: Anthem For Doomed Youth

Hiya My name is Amy, I am a dark artist creating cover albums for bands. My biggest passion is music, especially Psych, Punk. Would love to talk to a rebellious, punk in Glasgow who adores music and who likes to share it as well. Always had a spiritual, musical connection with Glasgow (Which will remain forever he he☠️)
Send me a private...

@_lunawinters @Vishsai To be fair Pride and Prejudice has awful writing style. It's more a detailed insight into what life was like at its times.

@mngrif @freemo that's a heck of a fancy machine. At the moment if I don't need the gpu I just take my android tablet with a keyboard, but I'm considering a surface go instead.

@freemo Out of curiosity, what's your laptop model? I lug my 15" gaming laptop to my friend's sometimes to do game dev away from home, and I hate carrying it.

@Keeneire Welcome. Your art is beautiful. I love your style.

Hello! I'm new to Mastodon. I like to paint, get distracted easily, and hang out at cafe's!

@design_RG oh I didn't realise it's not free on Google Play. Maybe that's why.

@design_RG I'm curious how fedilab tends to get left out?

@design_RG @shibaprasad I look forward to try waterfox on Android once the dev put an updated apk up on their website. Shame it got removed from play store.

I'd like to last longer in bed but I mean sleeping

@freemo That's it, I'm choosing Attack Helicopter as my gender.

@pschwede Thanks for sharing I might give AoC a try. Probably gonna do it primarily in C# (just because I've been using Unity a lot for my course), and Python if I have time, and maaaaybe ReactJS (never used, just on my bucketlist to learn).

Don't know how I got here, but it's getting there! AI does nothing yet, it just pass. Player can actually play now tho.

@_lunawinters My brother had a small wedding of only ~8 family members and I already feel drained going to that. Wasn't just the human interaction but also the events, the photoshooting etc. I feel ya.

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