@Karthikdeva dust allergies acting up now! Never before had that issue unless I was at a construction site or anywhere near a place super dusty! They still burst crackers here, even after the way the sky has been looking.... So basically nobody cares. I suspect pollution and everything about it in this area sucks!

@Pankaj_077 as per history, that's a true thing and hope it doesn't get altered like the usual way they do alter shit here,!

@Pankaj_077 Nah it just means a warning is issued for those who tried to do so! People suck!

@Simplyswapy I have constantly feared that an invasion of data would follow up with subtly suggesting us things to do online because they sit there capturing everything we post and say here! Due to this reason I wished for an anonymity. It's like even if I say no to the license agreement and decide to not stay up on anything, With browsing or randomly just watching something on youtube is enough for them to show ads suggesting get this and get that. I remember i searched something online from amazon and everywhere else I did go since then, Ads popped asking me to get the things I searched. Creeps me out even today! Nothing is in out control infact I guess. Great read! Relatable and Interesting!! πŸ‘

@_lunawinters @Chetanbadhe And the worst part, we aren't even rebellious. We just want to live. By our own terms. And that is looked down. Sucks!!

@shibaprasad That's bad. Is it flooded now? Or is it not that bad ?

@_lunawinters @Chetanbadhe it sucks that they gaslight us with this guilt feeling each time we feel rebellious enough to do anything.

Hi all! So, I would like to know what's new at your place?

@_lunawinters Not just your grand dad. My parents and MANY ik around me support the way he's been handling issues. Including the kashmir dispute and now this. I mean. I just gave up explaining. πŸ˜‚

@marshall A thin line to vote for. I wanted to say both but one is worse by 0.1 than the other and it's empathy that won! Interesting question!! :")

@_lunawinters I mean, imagine if dinosaurs were scared of human beings. It just doesn't make sense how existence of few people with different beliefs aches Hindus. Sucks ass!! *Cartman voice*

Hazy skies, Polluted vibes and Teary eyes.
Future is bleak?

@atul1994 @joesangma Hmm. Well the government punishes minority now. And it sucks.

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