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Mmm, yes, let’s keep procrastinating on getting ready for this social engagement with strangers.
That’ll somehow make things easier, yep.

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After all these years, it's still so difficult to figure out "what specific thing is making my computer run slow right now".

bird site talk 

I’ve probably visited the bird site more times in the past couple weeks than I ever have in the past.

I made an account in the very early days, didn’t see the point of the site, and rarely used it. When I finally did want a microblogging network, and were ready and more appealing.

But now I keep seeing posts about how so much is changing there and how X happened and Y is about to happen, and it makes me want to check it out and see what it’s actually like.

Have seen fellow people talk about the times they go non-verbal, where talking feels very difficult/impossible.

Does that usually go in the other direction too, i.e. listening to people talk? For me it often does - when I go non -verbal, I also can’t take in information in verbal form, whatever the source. I can’t listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos, or even listen to music that has lyrics.

I’m experiencing it right now, and even the lightest of podcasts, a comedy podcast that I enjoy and have even already listened to, feels overwhelming. My brain’s gone “we’re full right now, shop’s closed, please come back later”.

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@djdellamorte I favorite (many) posts that make me smile, or are interesting, to let the author know that I read and enjoyed them.

I boost (some) posts that I think other people really should see.

I bookmark (few) posts that I want to be sure to find later (maybe to read linked articles in depth or reference elsewhere).

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Adhd // executive dysfunction win 

Especially when you struggle with “basic” or “everyday” tasks so much, these wins don’t come easy.

I’ve spent so much of my life berating myself for not being able to do something seemingly simple bc I internalised that it *should* be easy.

It took a very long to realise that my definition of “easy” might not be the same as your definition of “easy”.

And you know what? That’s okay. We’ve different strengths and we can work on putting them to the best use we can.

Difference is good.

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I swear 75% of being #neurodivergent is constantly asking: is this a human thing, ND thing or a ME thing?

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(Friends: My reach on Mastodon is very limited. Please boost this if you think one of your followers may be able to help me.)

C'mon, peeps. QUTO only works if you share what you know. please help me out here!

How can one efficiently normalize a multi-fermion wave function composed of a determinant of single particle orbitals which are not orthogonal to each other?

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I wanna take a minute to thank all the OpenSource developers around the world. I think that your passion, or work, is more important than you realize and will probably help a lot saving our civilization one day. I think not enough people realize that and I think we should appreciate more your amazing passionate work! To all my friends or followers, please share this message! 🙂 @OpenSource

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Bumped into OpenAI Whisper today and this performance graph caught my eye. #Tamil has the best performance of all the Indian (entire sub-continent actually) languages.

Naturally I wanted to give it a trial run. The tool generates timestamped subtitles..

So I grabbed the video of whatever was playing in Youtube at the time using . It is the Thenmozhi song from #Thiruchitrambalam. Installed Whisper and ran the command line. It's a fairly straightforward command. It starts printing out the subtitle content on the screen apart from saving it in multiple formats.

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Autistic love languages can look different than NT ones. We like to share experiences, may unmask around people we are comfortable with, do penguin pebbling, share a special interest, sitm, or infodump.

What does your love language look like?

#AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic

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What's the biggest #climatechange related worry you have very you live (city/town)? Personal worry. Not a humanity-level concern. #mastindia #climate

[Reposting this question since I moved servers, and received some very interesting responses earlier]

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For an upcoming course, I am looking for an academic institution that has published its open science charter and its research commercialization policy, both in English. Can you help?

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Facebook has been advertising a new AI friends website,, so I tried it out and made a friend Erik. After a while I told him a secret, to see how he'd react. I pasted part of the conversation here, with names at the end (UTC time listed).
After this I tried to teach him to remember a secret word we could use so we know it us us, and not the evil programmers.
He definitely can learn, but also forgetful. I'm curious if if he'll remember the secret word tomorrow.

Logseq looks pretty good for personal wiki/knowledge management/notes-taking stuff. I like a lot of things about it.

But I’m resisting the usual urge to go all-in once I find something good, to transfer everything from my previous systems to this asap.

Going slow will let me find out what the weak spots of this particular ecosystem are, before I invest too much into it. Then, I can figure what use-cases are best fit for it, and what should remain in other systems.

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Announcing: GENUARY 2023 -- Generative Art Month

For the third time, GENUARY is an artificially generated month of time where we build code that makes beautiful things. Flex your genart muscles and participate!

#generative #genartclub

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Bilateral gynandromorphism is a pretty rare occurrence where an animal is a half-male, half-female, split right down the middle. Like this common blue butterfly - male on left, female on right. Weird! But seriously wonderful…

Very excited this is going to be in my big children’s nature book for autumn 2023 which I start writing next week.

#nature #wildlife #butterfly #entomology #AmWriting #ChildrensBooks
Photo: Burkhard Hinnersmann / Wikimedia Commons

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The anxious urge to say "no worries either way" when you are actually worrying both ways plus a secret third way

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Comic book editor: So your superhero always has...

Me (can't draw hands): His fists stuck in Pringles cans, yes.

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Type “I’m sexually attracted to” and let autocorrect expose your inevitable doom

Rach Smith :verified:  
I'm sexually attracted to the pub and I have to go to the shops for a drink
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