I missed with new years and everything so let me do that now.

This one is a bit special to me as I feel like the last month or two we have had some really great new members join us. While we have always had a wonderful community it usually takes time to acquire new active members who make this place better, most come and go. But it seems the quality of new members this last month has been really nice to see. Here is my

Some new people and some oldies worth checking out. Keep in mind these are real people, they post about everything, not just their professions or hobbies.

@mur2501 - Posts mostly cool infographics, has an interest in nature, cats, and indie.

@lhackworth - Techie, software engineer, recently posts about deep learning

@torresjrjr - Programmer, Linux, Floss

@lbing - Techie

@hansw - Software engineer, I think he dabbles in electronics too but could be misremembering.

@2ck - Software Engineer

@timorl - Programmer & researcher

@lupyuen - IoT dev

@ml2 - Mathematics Ph.D.

@Capitancuk - Biology, Biochem, Genetics

@trinsec - Gamer, Dutch

@General - A group for general chat

@QOTO - A group for anything qoto

@Science - A science chat group.

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Actually, you should be, especially considering that I dont think I covered you before. I will try to remember to add you next friday.

@mur2501 @lhackworth @torresjrjr @lbing @hansw @2ck @timorl @lupyuen @Capitancuk @trinsec @General @QOTO @Science

Very interesting list :blobcatsuit:
I ended up following most of them :ablobcatangel:
Also you forgot someone,

@freemo - Researcher, coder and electronics expert. Also an avid data gambler, has seen enough databases to be a news anchor :ablobdundundun:
Also interests in all types of gentleman talks and loves blue :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@freemo Woo! I'm internet famous! πŸ˜‹
Thanks for the honor!

Though I'd argue that for @mur2501 he's not interested in cats. He's /obsessed/ with cats! 😜

@freemo software engineer? That puffs up my chest, I'm only a Sysadmin. Though I probably should be doing software stuff. Thanks!

@lhackworth i figure if your coding up deep learning stuff, even if just as a consume of a library, your a programmer in some sense :)

b.t.w., I am not into electronics, I like it but have no knowledge on it.
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