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Also, utility is not only contextual, but subjective.

Half-true.. the utility of a single transaction is subjective. But you are maximizing for the aggregate utility, that is objective.

To someone a million dollars might be enough to secure a lifetime, to someone else it could be enough to buy a house, to a third person, it might mean buying some nice nice stuff to show off

That statement isnt describing utility.

@volkris @avlcharlie

Mistral AI really shines a light on OpenAI.

As a cyber collector, I have LLaMa1, LLaMa2, Mistral8x7B laying in my nas. Although I don't have powerful enough hardware to run them, but it's a good thing to have. And I'm looking forward to the dolphin variant.

* Dolphin is a decensored model based on those open source models.

@freemo I can’t speak to AU/NZ usage, but the UK definitely defaults to plural in most cases. Note you’re citing a particular place’s style guide, not a description of what is spoken. You can find lots of descriptions of the actual spoken differences if you look. Here’s the first few hits for me:


Bow ya figure that makes no sense. Accumulating resources in a vault untouched is the least effecient form, you literally have negative effiency as inflation devalues assets. A person would achieve effiency by investing thrir mo ey wisely and ensuring other people are using those resources to effectively increase the total resources in the market.

You are getting stuck in the fallacy that someone havibg authority (ownership) over those resources means that other people cant use it for their own gains as well which is entierly contrary to the reality. Those resources will be in others hands and used by them in some agreement to use them for mutual gain (investment in others).


Now that I am back aroubd my girlfriend after being a world away for a year i feel all my emotions turning back on. I didnt realize how much the distance and stress had paid a toll on .y mental health. I feel much better already.

I am now in , Phuket near the ocean. Ill be working remotely from here for 3 months... im ready.

@avlcharlie How is it a oxymoron. All capitalism is is any system which includes free market trade, that is, trade in which natural supply-demand pressures dominate the markets pricing.

Nothing about that implies greed or altruism, it only implies everyone is trying to maximize their own fitness function (get the most utility for their resources). Its about effiency not greed.

"Everybodys' gotta live before you know the reason why" -- Arthur Lee

To all my friends and future friends. Id like to wish you and your family all a rewarding and wonderful .

Just a reminder to non-muslims that today is Eid, the most sacred holiday for muslims. I know its easy to forget, so this is your reminder to wish your muslim friends a wonderful Eid. National flight? I've never seen such a setup before. Granted, I've never flown first class before but this seems weird.

People tell me I'm smart. But im far too modest to accept that. No, its everyone else that must be morons!

I wondered if that was the angle. It is an unfortunate but realistic view.

While not probable I still hold out that there is a possibility, however minuscule, that we can break that cycle.

I almost always do lie flat business class. Which is pretty nice and more or less first class. But today i decuded to fly from japan to bangkok doing first class to expiernce japans legendary hospitality in full. Feeling good so far.

I am avain pleasantly surprised by japanese curtosy at the airport. Apparently right before the crew comes to the gate (puntually one minute before the hour) thry all line up in a row and give a big biw of respect to all thr customers waiting, including the pilots. Thry then smile and wave to anyo e who makes contact.

Lovely culture to expiernce, i really do need to try to come here for a few months.

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