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SCOTUS Justices clearly can’t be trusted to police themselves.

And Roberts has shown little interest in holding them to account for numerous conflicts of interest.

The Supreme Court is facing a legitimacy crisis, and failing to hold Thomas accountable will only make it worse.

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Inflation is a policy choice.
Letting corporate price gouging continue unabated is a policy choice.
Refusing to tackle corporate greed is a policy choice.

"Israeli politics will remain fundamentally unstable as long as the occupation persists as a putatively temporary military dictatorship that Israel upholds indefinitely. "

A Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-election

'Recent studies have highlighted the value of using ancient genomes from different epochs, known as aDNA time series, to reconstruct the evolutionary history of immune disorders and past epidemics'

There are days in when I really appreciate the ethics of gangsters. At least they show what they are up to.

One of the reasons I'm extremely skeptical of a computational science of is that it tends to use sources like the NYT as trustworthy (used as labeled data for truth), when it has functioned as the source of some of the most impactful cases of misinformation.

"Would you work on a technology you thought had a 10 percent chance of wiping out humanity?"
This Changes Everything

Mike Worobey is one of the world’s foremost disease detectives. He did the crucial work on HIV’s origins and has focused much of his career on the evolution and emergence of viruses. This is an important piece.

"Intelligence consists not only of creative conjectures but also of creative criticism."

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