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In theory I’m a / student but I’ve kinda been sidelined currently by issues

Other interests:

/ (yes same handle on Duolingo…)

and indeed
/#reading many of which are or
often in & beginner at

@freemo : Pride isn’t about turning straight kids into queer kids. Pride is about not turning queer kids into dead kids

I don’t think this applies only to geniuses—or at least, working out how to fix your mistakes or why they didn’t work and being able to treat them as a neutral or positive experience as much as possible is helpful to everyone.

Lautaro Vergara  
Willis Lamb told me that for him the most precious parts of Maxwell's lectures were those in which he made mistakes. No doubt the mistakes of a ge...

I’m doing… significantly less well with understanding Danish hellofresh, although it’s not too hard to navigate. I feel like part of how I can guess a lot of this vocab is somehow Ikea.

Their recipes feel more like the normal range of variation but fyi I apparently got three 404 pages trying to follow recipe links…

No idea what pulled beans are unless it’s double false friend?? hmm search results suggests it’s probably somewhere between fake meat and like… soy curls.

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Hello Fresh Luxembourg is just… interesting.

More interesting things from their week of Nov 26:

Sweet and sour tofu wraps that I initially thought did some sort of ah… marine (fishy?) thing with the tofu since “tofu mariné”. More actually intriguing now than confusing.

vegetarian lomo saltado. with a portabello mushroom. (I wouldn’t eat this myself because I can’t stand big pieces of mushroom)

Vegetarian meatballs with mango ketchup but which I don’t understand the composition of, perhaps partly because I can’t seem to find any instructions for the half kilo of mushrooms in the ingredients

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And … yes. There is smoked ketchup. in a pasta dish. The intro to the recipe makes said ketchup seem like a specialty product.

I’m weird about ketchup in the sense that there are many places I feel it doesn’t belong, and I have very little room to speak authoritatively about pasta sauce anyway considering I did grow up eating modern HFCS containing Chef Boyardee products from time to time (and I’m from an area that likes to combine thoroughly cooked pasta with the local types of chili) but

I will still say that that’s an interesting choice.

Of course… on the other hand, to my understanding ketchup (albeit frequently the banana variety) is an addition to Filipino spaghetti sauce. Which I haven’t had yet but I don’t actually want to knock it till I try it.

And the more I think about it, while smoked ketchup is hard to wrap my brain around (both how is it made and exactly what it would taste like), the more I look at this recipe for mozzarella and pecorino gratineed shells with middle eastern spices and smoked ketchup the more it sounds potentially good…

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well. particularly on qoto. With that character limit at or around 2¹⁶…

I looked through my birdsite archive after downloading it recently and I used to tweet kind of at myself; my impression at least from the past was that until you attracted followers, unless you used hashtags or attracted algorithmic promotion, you didn’t necessarily have much audience.

This feels much less likely on Mastodon due to the Local feed unless you’re hosting your own instance. Although I guess you could avoid attracting/allowing followers and post either unlisted or followers only. Not sure why you’d do that but I think you could ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯. I do like to amuse myself with whimsy. Sort of like that Lewis Carroll quote that came up earlier…

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To me they seem more like a weird bastardized version of like crepes cannelloni maybe? but I suppose being French speakers, that might cut close to a more sacred breadstuff in Luxembourg or possibly lack the …cachet of (pseudo-)Mexican food?

I feel like I’m doing my own version of a @Foone thread, although it’s about food and language instead.

And less broken up thanks to the generous Mastodon character limits.

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I do not think they are actually enchiladas!

In the sense that (to my understanding as someone with no cultural connection to Latin America) enchiladas are, arguably, part of a culinary family also including entomatadas, enfrijoladas, enmoladas—they are, vitally, covered in a relevant sauce. Enchilada sauce has chiles!

(I have had enfrijoladas and at least a very rudimentary enmolada and would recommend. But I do think corn tortillas are superior in these applications)

These enchiladas à l’italienne are… not sauced!

Despite the bafflingly suggestive to me instruction “Nappez les tortillas de sauce” when I couldn’t find a sauce in the instructions, in this case A. the sauce in question is the filling. and B. machine translation renders this, in agreement with the picture, “Top the tortillas with sauce”, and the next instruction is “fold them”.

(granted in some contexts a chunky meat vegetable mixture bound in tomato qualifies as a sauce, but it’s not covering them, or probably even the right consistency to do so)

Also, I have no idea what passes for Italian vegetable mix in Luxembourg (aside from celery due to its being an allergen) but unless that or more probably the chicken sausage or Sicilian spice blend contain peppers, they contain no chile.

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glad to find out I do in fact know enough Spanish and German to read recipes! occasional words I don’t know and i do not actually know measurement vocab but those are easy to look up. Though pictures do help.

Other languages, well…
HF Luxembourg (for the heck of it) is in French. It’s not going terribly but I was already excited and let down by the false friend “légumes”, and …I think smoked ketchup has come up?!

…you can get italian enchiladas as a meal kit in Luxembourg.

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USian perspective on international mealkit recipes 

The context for this is that I’m looking at international HelloFresh recipes.

I didn’t survey them very closely but despite at least defaulting to both displaying in Dutch, the Dutch and Belgian versions seem to offer different meals! Though one recipe might be in common. I haven’t checked if anyone else overlaps within common language groups.

Spain seems to A) have interesting but few vegetarian recipes on offer (though they have a narrower meal selection anyway I think) and B) use leeks a lot compared to the US.

Cursorily, I think NZ & Aus get more or at least different variety in Asian influenced food than the US does. And, as might be expected, even stuff that is more or less common among Anglophone areas has a distinctly different spin than it would get in the US.

Austria has interesting vegetarian recipes in a different way than Spain and although the place I knew this about was actually Germany, not surprised they look to have several vegan options in one week. Not sure what the tag Zoomania+ is about though?

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I went from looking up the Top Level Domain name for Mexico (although it wasn’t useful in context) to the German word for fruit juice concentrate/syrup including agave syrup (I wanted to check my parsing/see how general the word was)

that word …is Dicksaft, and I am sure that is amusing to a number of English speakers. :blobsip:

While it’s not emphasized like on the birdsite, anyone who can see a toot can see who “favourited” (starred) it. This may make it suitable as a way of agreeing with someone else’s toot (e.g., a reply to a question).

I think of it as equivalent to a nod.

@khird Under your post box you see a CW thing for Content Warnings and aside that you see an EN for the language. Click that EN and it will enable you to change the language on that post. That's all there is to it!

long nattering about Lewis Carroll 

I forget people aren’t as familiar with Lewis Carroll as I am (still not that well versed in him I admit), since this stands out to me as quite unlike his writing.

Of possible interest on qoto is that he was also a mathematician in his day life (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) and combined that with his sense of whimsy in his works on Logic Puzzles.

(One actual extract from the informative matter in The Game of Logic, since it amused me:

Now please to look at the smaller Diagram on the Board, and suppose it to be a cupboard, intended for all the Cakes in the world (it would have to be a good large one, of course). And let us suppose all the new ones to be put into the upper half (marked ‘x’), and all the rest (that is, the NOT-new ones) into the lower half (marked ‘x’’). Thus the lower half would contain ELDERLY Cakes, AGED Cakes, ANTE-DILUVIAN Cakes–if there are any: I haven’t seen many, myself–and so on.

Even his writing advocating continued use of Euclid instead of contemporary alternative textbooks apparently has a whimsical side, taking the form of a dialogue between his advocate mathematician and a Professor Niemand (=”nobody” in German). In the quote from the introduction that’s on Wikipedia, he says he finds geometry not too serious to be light-hearted about. (The quote being on Wikipedia is probably connected to the note that it was featured in that site’s first logo.)

The Annotated Alice (Wonderland + Through the Looking Glass) was annotated by Martin Gardner, of math column fame, and from reading it some years ago it’s given me the sense that in some respects Wonderland is a little almost-satirical, of the society in which he lived, and the nonsense it seemed to produce. (my impression from what period works I have read is also that the particular way of talking about emotions exhibited in the incorrectly attributed fanfic was not likely at the time). So even as fanfic I find it hard to take the White Rabbit quite seriously.

(and imo the psychological understanding in that excerpt is too deterministic—but I think I’ll separate that into another toot)

I do recommend the biography Lewis Carroll in Numberland. (I think it mentions him not being keen on the then new non-Euclidean developments in geometry, as a Euclid fan.) His lesser known works for amusement include the epic nonsense poem “The Hunting of the Snark” and two works about Sylvie and Bruno (I have only skimmed Snark and not really read S&B)

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
Turns out this is not from the books at all. It was just fan fiction. QT:

Mom socks progress! I love that these are #DataVisualization for bird behaviour: those bumpy lines show when you can find the bird (in Victoria, Canada) and the colours show which bird.

Clever pattern from andrearangelknits and clever yarn from gaugedyeworks

Cute kitty/pumpkin progress keeper from kittywithacupcake

#SockKnitting #knitting @knitting #birds

Whenever I'm tempted to think that a new thing seems too complicated, I read newspaper articles about pizza from the early 1950s.

@realderpz for me it's not necessarily about whether it's constructive or not.

You can prove that 1+3+5+...+ (2n+1) = n^2.

Does the proof tell you why it's true? Not really. The picture proof gives a much better answer to "why"

I converted another #MathArt #Quilting Twitter thread into a blog post last night. This one is based on the Cairo pentagonal tiling.

Please check it out and feel free to chime in here with questions/comments

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