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In this blogpost, I tried to analyse how I have been listening to music for a year (June 2020-May 2021) with the data saved in my @lastfm

LastFM is a must if you love stat and music!

Wrote a small poem few days back. Posted this keeping in mind today's occasion.

'Just for once' @all_poetry

Made my First ever submission. Performed some Exploratory data analysis on a dataset containing the details of Pfizer Vaccine Tweets. Used for this.

Any suggestion would mean a lot.

Trying to sum up 2020 with a short Poem: The list goes on

Hope everyone will have a better 2021! Feedback is appreciated.

Cool, cool, cool! While I'm working I'm also busy with the setup of our very own online learning platform for #SchoolForAfrica!

The idea is that teachers can apply to give education and lessons for free to the kids who are at home now due to #COVID❤️

Simple plain free online education 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫

You can apply later via the site when all is ready

It has been ages since I've used QOTO. Forgot how brilliant this platform used to be!

How are y'all doing? Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

"In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." -- Buddha

While China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, we must keep fighting for freedom of speech and privacy:
To do our part, Tutanota enables everyone to get an anonymous & encrypted email account for free: #freedomofspeech #privacy #HongKong

The fragrance of the past or the bitterness of the truth
Can hinder one's journey of a joyful youth
One has to make a new path and that is the key
However not everyone's cup of tea

A really interesting story on The Guardian; how a couple of homeless people in London, UK, managed to build an underground bunker and live on it for almost two years undetected. Right inside Hampstead Heath park, adjoining a very expensive neighbourhood.

Sometimes boredom and some deep introspection brings out the novice Poet in me. Have a read, would like some feedback:

An evening at Worli

Tutanota is currently blocked in Russia. If you are affected by this outage, please use the Tor browser or a vpn to access Tutanota.
#censorship #surveillance #privacy #HumanRights #FreeSpeech

Did you know has one of the highest user retention rate of any server in the fediverse?

We do not and have never deleted inactive accounts. Despite this ~25% of our registered users are still active after over 2 years of operation. Compare this to most other servers and we see typically a retention of ~10% or less.

To me this is the most important statistic to measure the health and success of a server, ultimately it tells me the people who come to QOTO ultimately enjoy it here and want to stay!

@realcaseyrollins If you are refusing to use a persons pronouns because you suspect or even know something about their genitals and think you have a right to use that to invalidate their gender, then yea, that would make you a bigot. You are showing intolerance by doing so. IT is a demonstrating of intolerance regarding a persons choices, the hallmark of bigotry.

Any artists want to help out on a very small project for some $$$? If done well there may be future projects in it for you.

I basically need a series of space-themed flat-design style cartoons done that will be used to create scrolling animatioins for a website (I will do the web side just need an artist to do the cartoons). Attached is a stock photo of a rough example of the style I'll be needing it in, though personal artistic license is welcome.

If you can't convince then confuse - Budget 2020

Interesting Fact: Microsoft was originally a nickname Bill Gates peers gave him for having impotence and a small penis. However it caught on and Bill decided to roll with it.

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