For my #admin colleagues: I added a "technical details" section to my blog post about the Free Radical changes I made over the weekend to deal with the increased server load. It has config file code you can copy and paste to help scale your Sidekiq processes to handle more queued tasks.

It's at . Hope this helps someone!

@2ck yes, exactly, that was the source of my frustration..

but, well, after getting used to everything else for package management feels just way too basic.

mood: follow every astronomer in the global timeline

@dbergkamp probably the best way to find papers is to follow some relevant people in the field (there is hashtag filtering, but it does not automagically fetch all relevant posts ;) It is a bit tricky to find people to follow, you can sift through the trunk or check one of science-themed instances, OTTOMH besides qoto I can name a few:,, You can append /public to urls to see the local timeline of the instance. Good luck!


DB joke 

if you are getting banned on a German fediverse instance, don't panic: you still have at least 10 min of shitposting for free before the ban arrives. or, what's more likely, it will reach another user or get cancelled altogother .

@taxuswc ัะตะณะพะดะฝั ะฒ ั„ะตะดะธะฒะตั€ัะต, ะทะฐะฒั‚ั€ะฐ ะฝะฐ APOD

monitor #1: German bureaucracy
monitor #2: incomprehensible fortran code

that's how I spend my days :blobcatsadlife:

the colormap is called glasbey_category10_n256 if you are curious

someone's first attempt at making an elliptical galaxy please don't judge

why on earth every sufficiently advanced scientific code wants its own anaconda

local sparkasse: welcome! (just don't transfer money from Russia)

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@freeschool it was a crash course into my future tasks at the work, German culture, bureaucracy, language, etc etc etc. pretty much flew past my ears at that time.

btw I'm alive, just a bit busy with offline stuff :)

survived my second day in Germany, very long one, a lot of stuff to learn :)

@rastinza no, unfortunately, the only address I have is the address of the institute where I will work and I doubt they would allow registering there.

There is vivid, but webid registration is screwed: I waited six hours to get it terminated 30 seconds before it'll finish.
There is bunq: a residence permit required for some countries
There is n26: same.
There is revolut: probably same, but I'll check again.
There is wise: russian passport? gtfo.

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hmm. to pay a deposit for housing I need a bank account. to open a bank account a residence permit is required. for a residence permit a registration at some place is required. to get a place to live I need .. oh, here we go again.

Does everyone bring their deposit in cash when they rent their first room in Germany? I am a bit uneasy about the perspective of running with 1.5 monthly salary around..

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