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It's a beauty of open source that I thought, "with my three streens and multiple emacs windows per frame, it would be great to blink the modeline which one has received my focus." A short function later and boom; done!

Often I search for something like, "What's the OS Alt for XYZ?" But now I wonder, "what's the proprietary version of it?" In particular, I have no idea what is the off-the-shelf equivalent that a lay user might know for ?

All the businesses and companies and content creators are still on Twitter. And so a bunch of users stay on Twitter because they need IRL updates from those guys. So it's a cycle...

A series of essays that build a workshop full of the tools required to create and explore simulated worlds that behave like our most advanced models of reality. #clojure

I just realized that the career of "content creator" may be incompatible with tech ethics in the same way that "prostitute" is an incompatible career with "Christian preacher." And all gamers I'm aware of (see what I did there?) are content creators, too.

Going over my opening talk to the company about the failed promise of the Internet to democratize information.

"The internet made a wrong turn. It started with ads.... this is one of the things that Ev really got write with our subscription... you just can't do anything positive in the world with an ad model."

That's basically my world view. In a capitalist society, the best things are going to be build around a direct payment model. And yes, I've heard of Open Source. It only goes so far.

I just learned of, which seems to be an alternative to forges like Github and Gitlab. If I'm not mistaken, I don't manage repos large enough to need it. But I love to see stuff and to learn that some really big players are using (Redhat, the Linux Kernel, KDE).

Those in who have not read the History of Clojure paper by Rich really should; great to get a step into Rich's head and to see the evolution of the language.

I have a digital poem in the new issue of *Taper*. It's called "One for Grundy" and was written/coded as I was struggling to make sense of my father's sudden passing in January. I turned to two beloved nursery rhymes from my childhood about the circle of life. The poem intermingles them, confuses them, rewrites them. Hit "More" to see other versions. And view source to see more from me about the poem. Like everything *Taper* publishes, there are strict constraints, in this case the code/poem could be no more than 2k in size.

How do you reduce a life into 2k? Poetry.

Link to poem:

Predictable conclusion of the NPM debacle: failed to load due to a circular dependency somewhere.

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#Lisp(s) are the only programming environments that enable a prototype-to-production development cycle for non-trivial projects in a way that is predictable.

#clojure #commonlisp #janet #guile #scheme

I just want an autocomplete select on my site that will play nice with React. So I choose react-select. Over 3300 NPM dependencies downloaded and I feel sick.

with @moaparty getting killed by Elon's API closure, it looks like cross-posting to Twitter is gone. and I don't really care much anymore. What good is Twitter Just full of p.people who want to broadcast and no one who I want to broadcast to. Good bye communities.

Just opened a second from within a sub-process, letting me open that other potentially freezing process without starting a third emacs process in my

To make anyone of you go ballistic on how bad this currently looks, put it into context to what current-gen Qualcomm smartphones are doing:

A phone that calls home on hardware level with always-on mic AND cameras and the ability to analyze that data using the inbuilt NPU (Neural Processing Unit)? Oh boy, do I feel safer now.
🔥 :thisisfine: 🔥 🔥
#privacy #security #android #qualcomm #surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism

At work we manage a "farm" of sites. As they age or go derelict they become a maintenance liability, but may have valuable historical data. Some great WP examples here:

I have been listening to and his run of thought leaders. A big question hit me today that seems unaddressed: instead of focusing on how AI might wipe us out, why do I not hear any questions about whether AI can prevent us from wiping ourselves out?

A great discussion going on here. Because of the location ( thread) there is a bias in the demographic, but good reasons are provided either way and no thoughtless "it's just better" answers.

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