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Yearly #GitHub sponsorship bill just paid. My goal for next year is to double the amount, and will try to identify a few more devs whose work I depend on either for work or for fun. Bonus if they have a presence in the fediverse, as I enjoy following their work. It's not much, but it's something.

Only @borkdude is on Mastodon currently (that I know), and if you've done anything in #Clojure in the last few years, you'll most likely have encountered his work.

#development #code #opensource

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

- Dale Carnegie

So true here on the #Fediverse. Solid advice for those starting out here. Be interested in other people. 😊

#quote #NewHere

I tried to signup and it wanted a . When I put in my Google Voice number it said, "no virtual numbers allowed." How did it know?? Can I know that?

, bless their heart, seems to have completely riffed on XDC apps idea.


RT @OliverCaldwell
Oh wow, this is really neat!

"Biff is a batteries-included web framework for Clojure. Launch new projects quickly without getting bogged down in complexity later."

Learned about it from this interesting post

They use Conjure! :D

I like #clojure / #cljs despite never have used them for anything. But I sure do enjoy this:

I'm generally a believer in the ethics and moral virtue of . But conversation on has illuminated that while Heaven may have open information, Humanity has enough evil in it that open source might not be universally desirable here.

TIL how to disable CSS on firefox:

press alt
choose view
page style > no style

Look, ebay, Amazon, reddit, Twitter - - I NEVER want to install the app. Firefox is my app. Stop bugging me about it!

-style object-orientation leading to this funky code, aka

InputBuilder builder = InputBuilder.create(io).add("disk", size).push("holds").add("on", peg.getName()).markWme("peg").add("disk", size).add("above", getAbove(below)).markWme("above").top();

what I don't get is that so many developers try to avoid actually getting to know "the database" they have so many such awesome features you can implement so many nice ideas... and if you use them more like a framework than a dumb storage for data they love you back fast with high efficiency :)

For a while now I have held the ideal to be an almost universal good. Recently I've encountered several respectable tech thinkers for whom open source is almost a second thought, and not desirable. Most recently the topic was on stuff. In general the worry seems to be that open sourcing is too much a tool for Bad Actors. Maybe they have a point? Is open sourcing only universally good in a universally good society?

I am beginning to think that my client setup is too good. For me, writing, reading, and searching email is easier and more pleasant than or any other messaging platform, and I forget that not everyone has such a positive experience with it. I get baffled when people express email fatigue rather than anything else fatigue.

I hit #unsubscribe and went to a page that said "it looks like you don't want to receive emails from us anymore." Then the actual unsub place was 3-clicks deep. Is that passive aggression?

Call me crazy, but I sort of love stacktraces. They are so incredibly useful for debugging.

The Beauty of as a language really shone for me yesterday when I was data crawling -- nay, slogging -- through a big multi-type nested blob.

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