As I said, no one is stopping you from driving a hydrogen car if you want.

Everybody's free to do what they want as long as they don't harm others or the environment.

Good luck.

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>"You're regurgitating BEV propaganda here. H₂ can also be made from many sources..."

I'm not regurgitating anything, I figured this out on my own long before this even became an issue, using fundamental scientific principles.

This is why I've driven an electric car for many years now. It works much better than using fuel from the fossil fuel industry.

If you want to drive a hydrogen-powered car, nobody is stopping you. But make sure that all of the costs -- the oil wars, oil spills, oil industry subsidies, air pollution -- are all paid for by those who choose to use that fuel.

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This is a very well thought out and written examination of the proposal to use hydrogen for transportation. Electricity can come from myriad sources, while hydrogen has only one competitive source – the fossil fuel industry.

Why on Earth would anyone want to choose to lock themselves into a single supplier that needs to fight oil wars all over the world to maintain their supply, when you can just use electricity which is available literally anywhere on Earth?

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Retro SciFi Film of the Week…

Mars Attacks (1998)

This one’s really weird. It makes fun of all those 1950s science fiction films, showing many of the common tropes and stock characters, but turning them into gags. There's a lot of graphic violence portrayed in a comedic style in this movie which was kind of a new phenomenon at the time it came out, at least for a major Hollywood scifi.

*****SPOILERS: The attached unauthorized trailer contains spoilers and graphic violence.*****

The gags in this film will make you laugh, but they’ll also erode your empathy and moral compass, so watch at your own risk.

accessible description:

Video opens with a new-age woman holding a crystal sitting on top of a car wearing new-age attire, and overlooking a huge crowd of people off in the distance who are gathered around a landing pad out in the middle of the desert. A sign says Welcome To Earth, there are a couple of news reporters giving on-the-spot news reports. The woman reporter is carrying a little chihuahua, a flying saucer comes down, it's landing gear extends and it sets down, then a big long ramp unrolls, there's a red carpet waiting for the aliens to come out, then cut to the president looking at his TV Set as an alien comes out of the spaceship, the alien talks in an alien language and a geeky guy translates it with some goofy machine, everybody smiles when the translation says “We Come in Peace”, then a hippie releases a dove and the dove flies overhead and the alien shoots down the dove with a laser, frying it to a crisp. Then the aliens start shooting all of the people and the soldiers who are in 1950s style jeeps and tanks. Quick cut to a guy in a Las Vegas casino who says “whoa”, one of the soldiers runs towards the alien carrying a gun and yelling, one of the reporters runs across and falls on the ground, crawls over to the other reporter, and they reach out to grab each other's hands, the camera shows the woman reaching and grabbing the guy's hand, then an alien fires a laser and cut back to the woman with the guy’s hand but the rest of the reporter is missing, it's just his hand cut off at the wrist. the woman drops the hand in shock then the little chihuahua quickly walks up and grabs the hand by a finger and drags it away, and only a skeleton of the reporter remains because he got shot by the alien. The aliens gather up some things and fly away and the new-age woman sits on top of her car in shock overlooking a scorched empty desert with no people left.



Her downward dog needs work, but nice form on her upward facing dog!

This was awhile ago and younger folks might not know about this.

Here's a video of when Obama was confronted by a guy (later dubbed "Joe the Plumber") who was critical of Obama's tax plan during the 2008 campaign.


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You can try specifying the signal to send (man signal), e.g.,

kill -s KILL

Also, use the "f" option in ps to show processes as a tree to ID the parent process, e.g.,

ps axf


You won't believe this clickbait!!!!

Doctors can't explain it!!!!

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Which is the most common clickbait?


Well, with 1,400,000 preventable deaths so far during the pandemic, a POTUS candidate headed for federal prison, and more than half of working-aged adults on general strike or not working; I'd say we've had a partial collapse already.


COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Remember, a cloth mask is inadequate to stop virus particles. Please make sure you wear an N95 or P100 respirator.

(Video clip from josh_rimmey, tiktok, tiktok.com/@josh_rimmey/video/, fair use)


Retro SciFi Film of the Week…

Dark Star (1974)

This started out as a college film, which was actually pretty good quality for a college film, but then some movie exec found out about it and got the rights to it and added a bunch of material to bring it up to a feature length film. Then a distributor got hold of it and put it in theaters. So, it was it was a nice college film but a really lousy commercial release.

Here are some sample clips from the film which illustrate the pacing problems that the film has. Apparently the college version was even slower paced than this theatrical release. It got released on VHS about a decade later and actually had quite a few sales/rentals and now people are calling it a cult classic.

It's funny to watch with a lot of geek humor, if you’ve got the time.

accessible description:

Open with a computer screen that says “To scout ship Dark Star, Galactic sector”; Cut to an image guy in a uniform who is shown on a black and white video screen talking to the camera, there are real-to-real computer storage units in the background; then cut to a space scene with the Dark Star ship slowly moving past the camera and then moving towards a planet; then cut to a guy laying on some patio furniture in a small room, he is wearing huge sunglasses as if he's getting a suntan and another guy comes into the room dragging a big heavy metal door which he places up against an opening; then cut to a guy standing in a dark room with some blurry special effects in the background and a giant beach ball drops from the ceiling down onto the floor and starts making some alien noises and the guy talks to the beach ball; then cut to the beach ball again and a guy hanging in an air duct of some sort then cut to a sign that says emergency airlock interior door; then cut to a sign that says caution laser, then the beach ball forces open a door where the laser is; then cut to some guys with long 1970s hair sitting around playing cards and talking about intelligent life; then cut to an image of a planet slowly getting larger and a ship is approaching the planet and a guy says “There she is.”


>"Watched the whole thing (out of a possibly misplaced sense of duty). As you may have guessed none of these topics was broached."

At this point, I feel duty-bound to boycott all politicians and the mainstream media.

I intentionally avoided the Republican primary debate Wednesday night. I’m not listening to anything that any politician says anymore because there’s a 90% chance that they’re lying when they open their months.

But just out of curiosity, did any of those bozos mention any of the following? (not rhetorical, please let me if you watched the debate)

- UBI (Universal Basic Income)
- Banning the burning of fossil fuels
- Making oil companies pay for all of the pollution they put into the air
- Holding the CDC and other public officials accountable for killing more than a million Americans during the pandemic
- The fact that more than 100 people are dying each day right now from COVID-19
(Did any of them even wear a mask during the debate?)
- AI is about to wipe out 50-80% of the jobs on Earth
- Equitable tax system that eliminates all deductions/exemptions, and applies tax to the top line of the income statement
- Supreme Court is for sale to the highest bidder
- Limiting Congressional salaries and benefits to the median income
- Elimination of nuclear weapons
- Humans are about to become the number two species on the planet, behind sentient AI
- More than half of all people don’t have equal rights because of who they are

(My guess is that they spent most of the time talking about which soccer team boys and girls should be playing on in school sports; or how to keep brown people out of the country.)


>"You may notice that I didn't use any of these; I used a colon. You'll just have to guess! lol"

Maybe that was just a Freudian slip. 😆

Congratulations to India's space engineers for a successful soft landing of their Chandrayaan-3 lander on the Moon's surface.

Also, congratulations to Russia's engineers for a hard landing of their Luna-25 Lander into the Moon's surface.



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