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>'"owners of Bambu Lab 3D Printers reported that their device started printing without their consent"'

It has obviously become sentient. 🙂


I've found that a finger nail or thumb nail works great depending on the thickness and hardness of insulation.

E.g., pinch the wire between your thumb nail and finger then pull. The thumb nail isn't strong enough to cut the wire but if the insulation is thin it will pull off easily.

>"I just assume everything is AI now."

It doesn't really matter it they 're AI or not. I'm not prejudice against AI. If I have a nice convo, who cares if it is a human or a sentient AI. I'll never meet most of people who I talk to online anyway, so what's the difference.

>"I already have for a few years now. Turns out some people don't like when you assume they're an AI over the phone."

The AI also get upset when you assume they're human.

@mbrailer @stux

The problem in the US is increasingly concentrated wealth and power, and the wealthy and powerful do not want to share their wealth and power with the people. One of the ways they prevent the people from rising up is they try to divide the people by race or other identities and get us to fight among ourselves.

That woman, Barbara Waters, is a Washington insider. She works for the wealthy and powerful. She's been on The Council on Foreign Relations for over a decade. She is one of them.

She does not want to share power with the people, so what she is doing is she is trying to frame the upcoming revolution as a civil war between ethnic groups in the US which is absurd. She's trying to turn a peaceful, non-violent revolution into a violent civil war.

She said that the US was officially downgraded from a democracy three times but she didn't say who did that. She said the US was officially added to the “watchlist”. Who’s watchlist? Which “official” did that? She said the CIA isn't allowed to monitor the US but somehow she says that her group, which she says works for the CIA was doing that.

And final she says the fix to the US sliding away from democracy is to take away free speech. This hack for 202 area code is trying to stop the upcoming revolution by causing a civil war. That's exactly what she's trying to do.


Retro SciFi Film of the Week…

Forever Young (1992)

This is a romance drama / sci-fi written and produced by Jeffrey Abrams (JJ Abrams). It's basically a Rip Van Winkle story about a guy in 1939 who ends up volunteering for some advanced cryogenic experiment, gets frozen, and wakes up in 1992.

The story manages to avoid most of those hackneyed anachronistic encounters of a guy who's misplaced in time; it really sticks to the romance, emotions, and characters, and this guy's quest to find his old friends from 1939. The film has the feel of a Spielberg film, particularly ET, which was produced a decade earlier. It’s sentimental, almost sappy. It's commercial -- very much so -- and tries to appeal to multiple demographics. Jerrald Goldsmith, who scored Logan’s Run (which was last week’s Film of the Week), created the exceptional score for this movie, and overall it’s a well produced film. Some of the plot points seemed forced and unrealistic, placed in the story simply to create tension, not uncommon for a Hollywood film.

With Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead roles, the acting is world class, although neither of those actors completely disappear into their roles. Elijah Wood also has a major role and gives a great performance as the ten-year-old son of Curtis’ character. Isabel Glasser plays Gibson’s character’s love interest, but oddly doesn’t get as much screen time as the other leads.

There's only one black character in the film (Joe Morton), a researcher who was portrayed as antagonistic and in this story was unable to figure out the design of the cryogenic apparatus that was created by a white character (George Wendt) fifty years earlier. This type of depiction of black characters was typical of films produced prior to the Rodney King beating and LA riots which broke out just as initial filming for this film was wrapping up. Other than that, I saw no other significant bias or racial stereotypes.

As far as technology, there wasn’t much, basically just the cryro-chamber, which had a steam-punk design that was out of place for the pre-war time period.

Overall the film is worth watching, just don’t expect much in terms of science fiction gadgetry, aliens, spaceships, etc.

accessible image description:

movie poster with Mel Gibson’s face covering most of the poster and a small image of Gibson and Isabel Glasser embracing and kissing.


Hyperlinking is pretty much what the web is all about. It you can't link, then that kills the web. What were those Canadian politicians thinking?

Also, I thought Canada was a democracy with free speech. The times they are a-changing...


Canada passed a law that says you can't link to a site without paying them a fee?


>"The government passes a law that says social media has to pay traditional media for hosting the very links that traditional media was so eager to have on social media."

I don't understand this. What law are you talking about? What links are you talking about?


MAGA supporters don’t actually believe that the election was stolen. They never did. Look at the testimony in the Fox case. They admitted that the whole thing was just a ruse.

Nobody believes the election was stolen. They are just lying about it as a tactic to overthrow democracy.

They all know that Trump is a crook and they don’t care. And they are willing to lie about anything – absolutely anything – in order to eliminate democracy and install him as an autocrat.

There is no difference in belief about facts. There is a difference in belief about the value of truth and democracy.


I wasn't trying to ostracize anyone. I just thought the call was entertaining. Yes, I'm familiar with how varying air density can effect how sound travels.

There is a place that occasionally makes very loud sounds that is 25 miles away from where I live and when the weather conditions are just right I can detect those sounds. So, yeah the phenomenon it's real.

Also, I wasn't calling her a wackadoodle, that was just one of the hashtags for the toot.

I hear climate deniers do this all the time with Sun spots or whatever, but it was unusual to hear believer in climate change do it.

We just need to stick to the science.

*** CSPAN Caller of the Day ***

This citizen scientist has made her own meteorological observations of sound waves to support the conclusion that climate change is real.


Who in their right mind would go on a cruise in the middle of pandemic. They say that they test people but I'm pretty sure they just take people's word for it that they've been tested. Also, the tests are not 100%.

A cruise ship is a petri dish.

Believe it or not, our society used to be even more violent than it is today. Even the cartoon TV commercials were violent...

@khird @peterdrake

I run into this issue all the time with a variety of distros and machines. "telinit 0' almost always works (or whatever the systemd equivalent is).

Sometimes a shutdown process will pause for 30 secs or a few minutes before shutting down. It should show a countdown timer or give some other indication when it does that, but if the display gets zapped you may not see that; so you might try just waiting 10 minutes to see if it eventually shuts down.

Also, just pushing the power button once will often initiate an orderly shutdown.



>"Room-temperature superconductor’ LK-99 fails replication tests"

Gee, who could have seen that coming. (sarcasm)


“Which is why its so important I trust them and think they are a decent person.”

So, you’re not supporting anyone then? :blobwink:


>"Keep in mind as I've said before Biden is a personal friend of the family too, so much of my opinion about him and his racism comes from personal interaction."

If you have heard him say racist things in private, then I guess you can make an assessment based on that. I've only been around him once and I don't know him personally, so all I can go by is what he's said and done publicly.

Also, for me deeds carry much more weight than some carefully crafted political apology.

But as I said, from now on I'm going purely on what gets done while officeholders are in office, not what they say. They haven't even come close to doing half of the stuff I want, so no incumbent will get my vote.

(Also, Biden helped kill about 800,000 Americans while he was in office during the pandemic, so...)



I remember feeling the same when I changed my first circuit breaker many years ago. It's actually much easier to do than it seems at first.


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