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If you are a web developer trying to keep spambots out, DO NOT use reCAPTCHA. It is an unethical privacy invasion that follows people around the Web and stops disabled people from accessing information or services for no good reason.

Instead, just ask a (very) simple logic puzzle from a decent-sized set. Ask the questions in regular text and give an option to change puzzles. Switch out the library of puzzles occasionally. This will stop the vast majority of spambots.

@freemo Lol nice. I can see a vague relation anyway, since Chinese do say fake wishes as a trollish sarcasm among friends. The last bit "among friends" is important, which makes it not actually chinese curses in the way it's defined.

@freemo For example (happened very often when I worked for a call centre in HK), during shift changes if we feel like an asshole, we say to the next shift things like "may you have many good business" which just means "may you have many difficult incident calls".

@freemo This is my first time heard of Chinese Curses, at least in English. In actual Chinese speaking culture we sarcastically say seemingly good things to each other to jinx it, because we believe that as long as it gets brought up, even if the words are good, it's jinxed.

@freemo As a joke, we came up with a story that you happen to have your phone with offline Wikipedia in it, and solar charger when you get thrown back in time.

@freemo I'm designing a game with a mate, where you as a modern day person get thrown back in time to the dark ages. You have to try using your modern day knowledge to help a village with various medieval problems like water, sickness etc, without being accused as a witch and get executed.

I am new here, somebody wanna be my friend?😜

@johnlitt That is a valid perspective. I'm glad you got out of your groundhog day! @design_RG

@shibaprasad Yeah Glasgow, I'm just here on a working holiday.

Happy birthday @esperera_98! I hope I'm not too late. Sending you best wishes from Scotland.

Hey fediverse, I can use everyone's help today to cheer up a lovely lady who is new to the fediverse.


It is her 21st birthday and sadly her family is gone so she is rather sad she cant celebrate.


Her handle is @esperera_98

I thought it would be sweet if everyone took a little time out to wish her a happy birthday and maybe attach a meme or something fun that might be special to her and make her smile. I tried to get some of her interests yesterday so we can use it to help pick memes or quotes or whatever that might help cheer her up

Here is what she said when I tried to ask her about that:

well mmm, I love the sea more than anything hahaha I always say I wish I could live there πŸ˜‚. I adore dogs and cats and I like so much daisy flowers 🌼 and sunflowers 🌻


So blast her time line away with love, and pictures of daisies and dogs, and cats and the sea. Lets make her smile!

@design_RG @johnlitt Traits like self assessment and self development from the movie are certainly commendable.

But before we praise this movie for these traits I want to point out something.

The main character knew he was stuck in an infinite magical time loop, which means he suddenly has all the time in the world to do anything. He became completely free from the biggest time constrain that is life itself (heck he couldn't even die if he wanted), a luxury that many of us don't share in reality.

Basically, if we were all given infinite replay in life like him, then of course we get to do what he achieved. Unfortunately we don't have that and we have the added pressure of what to do with our finite weeks, confusing priorities that makes it harder to decide just what the heck we really want in life without risking our one life to find out.

I repeat that it's very commendable to regularly develop yourself but don't forget the extra dimensions that we get to worry about outside of being stuck in a groundhog day.

@freemo Happy ! I wish my dad was still around. He'd have loved to see that men are being cherished just as much as women.

@freemo I'll have to share Glasgow's once ours are up.

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