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Those who have a repository somewhere and don't want to accept changes to their repository but at the same time don't specify this somewhere, are insulting other people and wasting their time.

Some examples:

Note that regarding the last one to PilzAdam's repo, I don't think he is to blame as it seems that he has left.

"If you go with democracy, you are allowed to make mistakes. If you go with dictatorship, you have to be perfect and that [even if it could exist] won't last." -- Lance R. Vick


@farooqkz Same here, good software defense and dev ops are an extremely high priority.

I learned a cool trick you might like, I disabled ICMP services on a few of my servers including ping, and now most IP/port scanners pass right over my server because it looks dead. 😂 It cut down attempts by about a third a month.

A good trick which prevents me from doing an attractive crime(like creating a big botnet) is broadcasting it. This way I won't do it because if I do it, it would be too obvious that I was behind it :)

Does Elon Musk have an account on Mastodon? I'd like to follow him.....

I have many ideas and when the time comes, I have to choose 1-3 of them to work on.

One of these research ideas is in the and field. Four others are in field. And finally, two of them are hardware ideas rather than software ones. Not a gadget but trying to implement computational models using hardware.

In my childhood, I used to build electronics circuits. But I could not understand how the circuits work. Why this flasher with two transistors has such a behavior? And I think it was not my fault. I was in early school and I couldn't understand the books about circuits because the books weren't for someone like me.

So I stopped building circuits and from when I was 12-13 years old, I put my efforts on programming where I could create something which works and I know why and how does it work.

Now, I am 22(in a less than 3 months) and I know many computational models exist but just one of them has been implemented hardware-wise. So I am interested in hardware implementation of these computational models.

Nevertheless, I don't have expertise nor knowledge in electrical engineering. So I either can't have a good idea or if I have I don't know how to express it or build it.

That's the question I need its answer. Should I remove hardware research ideas out of my list? And choose only among other ideas?

It has been a while since I've created two new categories in for electrical components:

For the first one, I've started a discussion to find a better name for it.

Also if you know an electrical component which hasn't been listed in Wikipedia, yet, I invite you to create pages for them using reliable sources or at least put a link or something to those sources in the talk pages of the categories so that others can create pages.

@freemo According to says is against laws and one would be banned because of it.

Does this mean that a expressing their religious belief about man-to-man intercourse is a hate speech? According to this is a shameful deed and according to there is death penalty for both parties having such an intercourse.

@freemo regarding the character limit on I think it must be WAY MUCH lower. May I ask about his decision of yours? I believe if someone is willing to publish a useful and/or interesting post which is more than 2-3 paragraphs, it must be in a blog and not here. You can host a separate Writefreely instance for that purpose. For myself, if something is useful and long enough, I would write a blog post where it's very easy to find for myself and the others. Also Writefreely does the SEO very good so people could find my useful content easily using search engines.

The first black child ever allowed to attend a white school is only 68 years old now.
White parents pulled their children from school. White teachers refused to teach her.
Ruby Bridges now works as an activist & public speaker
This wasn’t a million years ago. /1

It's interesting. In 1D space, the only objects we can have are dots and lines. Dots are known by a single quantity, a number. And lines are known with two quantities. A line's length is postive and a dot's length is zero. We can think a line of a set of points, infinitely many.

Now if we expand our space to 2D, we'll have another object. Let's call it surface. A surface can be presented with 4 numbers. A dot has zero-length and a line a positive length. But a surface can be made with infinitely many lines of the same or different length. Many lines of the same length can make an object named square. A surface has a properties which line doesn't have(or it's zero for it): Area.

We can further expand our space to 3D where infinitely many surface could form a new object which can exist only in a 3D space and has another properties.

Unfortunately, my mind cannot imagine more than 3D.

Is user friendly for you as an editor?

I've seen this sad scene several times. But this time, I thought I'd better write something about it.

I'm not very old but I remember when things weren't as terrible as now in my city. I remember that only emigrants among their men were looking in the trashes for something metal which they could sell and earn money. And in busy places, like bazaars, there were only few people who were begging money and everytime you visited the place, there was the same person and you could only see men.

In recent years, Those who beg money or look into trashes, are no longer only Afghan and no longer only male. There are young boys and girls from around 7-8 who have these jobs.

Now there are some questions which I'm afraid of their answer.

What is the job of girls around 15 or higher?

What about other cities? Like those near the borders in or ? I am asking about them because I know they are Sunni and I know that this regime pays the least attention to Sunnis(if they don't kill them)

From Quran, two last verses of Surah(Chapter) 34:

O humanity! Be mindful of your Lord, and beware of a Day when no parent will be of any benefit to their child, nor will a child be of any benefit to their parent. Surely God’s promise is true. So do not let the life of this world deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about God.
Indeed, God has the knowledge of the Hour. He sends down the rain, and knows what is in the wombs. No soul knows what it will earn for tomorrow, and no soul knows in what land it will die. Surely God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.

@pixelfed When would FediDB expose more and better APIs? The current in seems very unmature. I was thinking of showing the same information you have visually.

Interesting, apparently about half of the fediverse are people in their 40s and 50s.

To this extent I'm really interested to know how the age breakdown of people on the #Fediverse. On one hand it would seem to make sense to me that ...
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