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Most people that I meet on my photography adventures don't know that "taking pictures for Wikipedia" is a thing. So, when I'm out shooting, I often engage in conversations about how Wikipedia needs more photos. That's what happened this morning, when I took this image for the article "Greater white-fronted goose":

Please consider sharing your photos with a global audience through #Wikipedia !

#PacificFlyway #wikiphotographer #birdphotography #wikimediacommons

Hey Jon lovely images. Love the blur on the sea, just the right amount. If you can turn your hand to photography so well, you must have been a fine dentist 😎 Followed you on the b. site as well 😊

EirGrid: "We welcome today the signing of key financial and technical agreements for the #CelticInterconnector project. This is a significant milestone and an 'anchor' in the future of the Ireland-France energy relationship.

The Celtic Interconnector is a key part of EirGrid’s strategic goal to transform Ireland’s power system and increase the use of renewable electricity. Interconnection with France makes the power system more resilient." 🇮🇪🤝🇫🇷 #energy #EnergySecurity


You just pin your last tweet, Pete,
Request your archive, Clive,
You don’t need a blue tick, Vic,
Just get yourself free.

Hop on the tusk, Gus,
You don’t need to delete much,
Except your DMs, Jen,
And get yourself free.

Use Debirdify, Di,
Provide some alt tags, Mags,
Add a content warning, Tim,
To post sensitively.

Remember to boost, Ruth
You don't need to deny truth,
Just drop off the perch, Dirk,
And get yourself free.
#VerseThurday #TwitterMigration #FediTips

Friday night: The Strand, Falcarragh. Saturday night: Teac Jack’s, Glassagh. Could get used to this 😊

This photo is impressive. The sky whispering to the earth.

Eigg isn't connected to the UK national grid. Instead we generate 90% to 95% of our electricity from wind, sun, & water (hydro). Community-owned Eigg Electric was switched on in 2008. Islanders are trained and employed to manage it. Electricity costs 28p per unit/kWh. Before 2008 each property had its own diesel generator. Now we have 24kW of wind, 110kW of hydro, 170kW of solar PV, storage batteries, and a back up generator. Next challenge is #netzero #renewables #eigg

Is it possible to proxy my Fediverse identity?

I don't want to run my own instance, but I also want my identity to be instance independent. For example, if I was, but my actually presence remained hosted by Qoto. I believe this would require Qoto to be able to publish my posts under my domain rather than @acjay.

Does this concept exist on any instances?

Note that many email providers allow this under their "custom domain" functionality

I am retooting my introduction - just in case you missed it..

Rach Smith :verified:  
well my #Introduction is that I think I am a pretty funny person! I am a PC gamer, an artist - and I train people on assistive technology as a job ...

Is anyone else having problems with avtar images loading up on ? I have the generic elephant head showing in all accounts.

Hi #webperf friends! I'm here to make you a coaching offer.

The 2023 conference season is coming up, and there are so many frontend/SEO/UX/JS/etc. events that might welcome a good performance talk. I'm not an expert in all those areas, but I'm good at writing pitches. (As a former O'Reilly conference chair and current #PerfNow chair, I've reviewed hundreds of pitches, so I'm good at reading them, too.)

My DMs are open. If I can help you develop your proposal, I will. Please boost for reach!


“Buying all the plants, and dogs, and amazing items in the world wasn’t going to fulfill the lonely because it was just a branch on the root of depression. And I needed to do some mother fucking gardening.”

Compelling writing that speaks, I feel, to us all after these last two and a half years, whatever our relationships may be. By @JustCallMeSio

@Blenster thanks for the swift follow back. It’s nice to see positive toots!

It's 9:34 AM Eastern and I'm glad you are alive.

Thank you for being here with us.

You're worth it.

This thing is crazy. From Steven Pinker. It hurts my eyes too look at, I actually have too look away. But the center white is the same brightness/color as the radiating white (that's with the black). I think our minds just recognize it as the sun, but still create a physical response. Even after 15mins, I still can't look at it for too long.


A miracle happened that day. Not, tragically, for the fallen but for many others saved as a result of this vet being there. Reminds me of the 1996 Dunblane shooter Thomas Hamilton who was late, held up in traffic, and aiming for morning assembly.

Good writeup on the guy who stopped the Club Q shooter.

I would love to do a in the future but I don't want to participate as a programmer.

I would like to try doing the music of a game one day. It would be an amazing experience as I have almost 0 knowledge about the subject.

If someone ever wants to do something like that, don't hesitate to contact me o/ The result will surely be rubbish but, hey, we never know.

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