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Stand your ground

"And al you have to do is stand your ground. Stay true to yourself and what you know is the truth of a more loving, more caring and more honest world. Stand still and really feel what is good for you…and watch how everything and everyone starts to move because for the first time, your aren’t moving with them."

#Blogpost #StandYourGround

NOTE: If anyone wants to be added to this list just let me know.

Ok so this seems to be most of the people who publicly stated they had interest in developing the "United Federation of Instances". All of you should have gotten the first draft and opinions were heard and discussed.

Today I will be moving the first draft over to git (either or From there I will encourage each of you to provide suggestions as to edits there, and raise discussions in issues. This way we will be public and have an open transparent forum that keeps the changes on record.

While public feedback is being debated on the proposal I will begin a rough draft on the complete by laws (which will try to represent the broader points in the proposal document). That too will be on gitlab and open to discussion

From there as the movement grows we can begin discussing launching it.

I suggest all communication on the fediverse about this use the hashtag so it is easily searchable.

Since this is a public post I will now share the link to the early draft here, please keep in mind everything here is open for discussion so if anyone doesnt like the current direction, please speak up, we want you to be heard.

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I've been winning Rock Paper Scissors hand over fist.

I've collected some #Mastodon 🦣 #instances to help with the #TwitterMigration focused in #inclusion, #accesibility and #minorities. They look like safe spaces for most of us. I'd appreciate the boost and new recommendations to add to the list:

🔗🇬🇧 - space to fight ableism
🔗🇬🇧 - for disabled people
🔗🇬🇧 - neurodiversity and neurominorities
🔗🇬🇧 - interest in assistive technology
🔗🇬🇧 - history and voices for black people
🔗🇬🇧 - for LGBT+ and allies
🔗🇬🇧 - queer-oriented instance
🔗🇬🇧 - for tech workers, academics, students, and others interested in tech who are LGBTQIA+ or Allies

Please boost to reach more people!

Me: okay body, time to do the things!
Body: 503 Service Unavailable
Me: Did ... did you just throw an HTTP error code?
Body: 501 Not Implemented
Me: Err GET motivation
Body: 412 Precondition Failed
Me: PUT caffeine
Body: 418 I'm a Teapot

How many people are left at Twitter's Child Safety Team to fight and ban child sexual abuse content across Asia?

1 person. ONE.

#twitter #moderation #appstore #elonmusk #musk #wired

@mariegardiner great shots. You really let the subject speak for itself, in all its moods, like a great song lyric lets the listener infuse their final meaning. I used to be a photographer in a past life and really appreciate work like yours. Too many photographers today go for the quick low-hanging fruit of visual impact leaving nothing behind to savour.

Hallo deutsche Mastodon! Ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch (sehr bisschen!). Ich wurde gern manchmal um deutch zu sprechen hier. Hier sind meine fotos zum Berlin :)

(sorry that German isn't very good, it will help me to practice)

#Photography #Berlin #German #Germany

New: one of my favourite ruins, 'The Murder House' as I call it. I will write this up into a blog for you at some stage. This is the building from the back. New to this visit was a perfect sheep's skull and a headless doll...(!)

#Photography #Ruins #Abandoned #NorthPennines

It's perfect Petrol Stations at Night weather - or will be if this mist continues. No clue what I'm talking about? I don't blame you. I like taking pictures of petrol stations... here are a few.

More about this project on my blog:

#Photography #Night

When did Twitter just become posts asking stupid questions about who could care less?

Anyway, what's your favourite word?

The #Fediverse killer feature, the single feature no other centralized, corporate competitor could ever dream of offering is collective decision-making.

Collective decision-making is a skill that modern life denies most of us. These instances suddenly create a non-trivial space where this skill can be acquired and developed (if your admin allows it, of course).

I don't even think it matters if people choose to make decisions through consensus or adopt parliamentary procedures or whatever. Just exposing people to a process and the tension and release could be educational.

I think this is what could make the #Fediverse transformational.

2018 article from @codesections@fosstodon that’s great on what’s special about Mastodon. Still true today apart from the bit about quote toots: I’ve noticed some Masto clients allow them; others don’t.

Hello y’all People of the Fediverse old and new! :geodesic:​✨

I have tooted a lot lately, YET,
I have neglected tooting an #introduction all this time, so here it is:

Hi! I’m Em! :awesome:

I’m an Accidental Tooter Tutor, but very happy to be 🐘✨

When I don’t give Mastodon tips to newcomers moving away from a Twittertatastrophy, I give tiny #privacy tips, big privacy tips, and big privacy opinions 🔒

I talk about code, security, and human rights 💻​

I like encryption, but end-to-end encryption even more. If I write crypto here, I mean cryptography.

I make bad puns and laugh a lot at them in secret. I laugh a lot at your puns too!

I like weird electronic with flashy LED lights. Right to Repair on everything. DIY anything. Big fan of all #FOSS

I boost photos of mosstodon, cause we all need it 🌱✨

Rainbows, cats, and cute emojis make me happy. I also like kind humans, and open software :rainbowdance:

Diversity is key. Representation matters. Cooperation over competition. Listening is vital. Kindness is essential :heart_rainbow:

Despite all the bad going on, I still believe together we can change the World and make it much better and fairer for everyone ✊​:heart_cyber:

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