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A set to celebrate Blue Monday. A lot of 4-track DJing in three parts to cover the tracks that influenced Blue Monday (Part I: Origins), those that it inspired (Part II: Reaction), and those that were tapping the same influences (Part III).

Nunca pensei que "aprender a viver com COVID" fosse aprender a fazer com a cabeça o que fazem as avestruzes. Vamos todos a continuar a fingir que não há COVID e aumento da transmissão no Natal e fim do ano. "Aprender a viver" deveria subentender vacinação mais alargada, bem como uma cultura de testar antes e usar máscara com grupos grandes, idosos ou pessoas com imunidade comprometida---em vez de tomar benuron para esconder sintomas. Portugal deixou de publicar analise de águas residuais, mas sabemos através dessas medições que nos EUA acontece a segunda maior onda de infeções sars-cov-2 de sempre ( Sabemos também que só a vacinação com a ultima vacina dá proteção (60%) contra hospitalização; ter vacinas ou infeções anteriores não dá proteção (, e isto é verdade para todos os grupos etários ( Mas as nossas autoridades de saúde publica vão continuar a dizer que a mortalidade “é do frio”. (não estou a menosprezar o efeito da gripe que certamente contribui mas padece dos mesmos problemas acima)

Happy 77th . You were taken from us far too early; may you be free like a bluebird. Thank you for showing us art winning over death. Originally created for Bowie's 70th birthday, I add one song every year on his , which is today.

This Saturday night, if you are in Lisbon. E-Trash heats up the upstairs dancefloor at Roterdão Club, Pink Street, Cais do Sodré. Starting at 23:00.

Every year is a great year for music, with such amazing tracks, even if perhaps fewer great albums. I am sure I missed really excellent stuff, but here is the best City Zen of the year that made my radar. #2023

If we collected what is actually owed from the top 1% in taxes, we could forgive student loans, invest more in infrastructure and green energy, protect social security and help Ukraine beat Russia. I call that multiple win-wins.

Christmas 2023. Deeply affected by our role in electing governments who, without any constraints, send 2.000 pound bombs to slaughter, displace, and starve babies in the Holy Land. This list is a musical interpretation of that feeling.

Excited about this collaboration with Reka Albert 's lab, chiefly the work of Jordan Rozum with Felipe Costa and Kyu Hyong Park, just published in brand new PRX Life journal devoted to bridging the gap between physical and life sciences. Life is not after all at the ?

"In this study, novel metrics and simulations of experimentally-supported discrete dynamical models of cell processes reveal greater resilience to perturbation than previously observed, challenging the ‘edge of chaos’ theory for biological systems."

This Saturday night, if you are in Lisbon. E-Trash heats up the dancefloor at Roterdão Club, Pink Street, Cais do Sodré.

Wonderful experience advising MS thesis of Miguel Bernardo Pereira @istecnico , with work conducted @IGCiencia and @BUSSIEDept on distance backbones of . So rewarding to be spreading and expanding work initiated by George Klir, whose work I first heard about within these walls.

I published this opinion article today in Portugal. Discussing of university students, and the absurd standards for university access in Portugal.

'Além disso, a pretensa meritocracia do numerus clausus é uma tautologia: o sistema académico define o que é considerado “melhor” e depois declara que os aceites são os “melhores”. Mas onde está a demonstração que médias altas identificam os mais aptos para determinada profissão? Alguém acha que os melhores médicos se escolhem pela capacidade de receber e memorizar “aprendizagens” de Português ou Biologia no ensino secundário?'

Super Excited to visit @giaruffo and give a talk at the ,Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica today. Infor below.

"Netanyahu has a salient interest in the war continuing until Donald Trump ousts Biden from the White House. That would help him implement his three “noes” – no acceptance of responsibility, no elections and no Palestinian state."

Graciela Gonzalez' great presentation of track 2 at , focusing on multilingual symptom extraction from clinical text (BTW, less than 1% of published papers on EHR analyze text notes where much relevant medical information lies ). Missing @MKrallinger :)

Graciela Gonzalez, opening the Social Media Mining for Health 2023 () at , showing data for how social media data offers a great representative sample of population demographics.

Also, General findings of the shared tasks on mining. Pre-trained transformer models ruling.

Will give an overview of our NIH-NLM-funded research on “Network Science to Model Health Vulnerabilities and Biases” at workshop at , St. Charles Ballroom, Hilton Riverside, New Orleans. Saturday November 12, 10:30am

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