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An overview of our multi-year project funded by NIH National Library of Medicine to build a and suite of tools and personal library for people with . A Collaboration with Katy Borner, Wendy Miller, the Epilepsy Foundation of America, and many others.

Updated Chapter 7 of my and Bio-Inspired Computing course: Modeling Evolutionary Systems. This is the last chapter for this year's course.

The entire package is available as a pdf as well:

Could not agree more with this review. is a complex multilevel problem. The idea that social media is a key factor has no scientific basis yet. Also the idea that its causes and solutions reside molecular mechanisms of the brain are equally simplistic.

O 25 de Abril poderá ter trazido maior liberdade aos docentes da academia portuguesa, mas certamente os alunos continuam sem voto na matéria. Desde o numerus clausus à entrada, até a falta de escolha curricular e mudança de cursos.

Também não têm qualquer poder sobre professores abusivos ou incompetentes, exames que reprovam percentagens inconcebíveis noutros países, nem sequer nos horários que os afetam nem na gestão das suas cantinas.

Admira-me que alunos portugueses sejam tão dóceis—ou talvez não,dada a escolinha secundária em que são educados. A academia portuguesa trata os alunos com um autoritarismo anacrónico que afeta muito o bem-estar deles, incluindo a saúde mental---que certamente contribui para que tantos abandonem o pais para ambientes que lhes dão maior liberdade.

Chapter 5 of my and Bio-inspired Computing course have been updated for 2024 edition.
"Reality is Stranger than Fiction"

Indiana politicians are really stupid. This is the most famous center at @IUBloomington . Cole Porter, another Hoosier, even immortalized it brilliantly (

Fun interview I gave to @GraceyWeather at the @natwxdesk podcast for Valentine's Day. About sex, of course. Big shout out to @mjoanasa towards the end. on Spotify and all other podcast platforms.

P.S. Though I have to say that the best version of the song is @DavidBowieReal and @Gail_Ann_Dorsey fabulous live version

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No such thing as in : "The university said it believed that art, culture and science are places 'where contentious issues are kept in check'".
@LaurieAnderson ends German professorship after criticism of Palestine support

Very apropos, I have been playing @OnlyAnExpert all day, especially my favorite German techno remix of Oh Superman by @BookaShade . "they are american planes."

Full text now available on PubMed Central. I love PMC and that federally-funded research becomes available to the public there.
"The distance backbone of "

Updated third chapter of my and class. This semester I added a new subsection about and approaches to studying life, from to . " THE WORLD AND SYSTEMS APPROACH TO LIFE"

Best music video in a long time, kudos Tom Furse ! Such a sweet groove, yet track, from Anna Prior. Memory trip to Manchester and Sudoeste @ Bairro Alto in late 80s, to New York and New Mexico in 90s & 00s. For sure on my next DJ set :)

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