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An animated gif of the open-source library :opensource: doing an N-body simulation. The blue dots are low-mass and the red dots are high-mass objects. Its written in Java :java: and runs on the GPU.

Aparapi is an Open-source framework for executing native Java and Scala code on the GPU.

My research involves quantifying trace, toxic, particulate matter with neutron activation analysis. This is the neutron generator I use to irradiate air sampled filters, which are then analyzed by gamma spectroscopy.

Deuterium gas feeds into the magnetron on the left, which is ionized into plasma. The plasma strikes a deuterium film target in the chamber on the right, producing helium and a neutron beam. Aluminum then moderates the beam to thermal energy.

@n I always enjoyed the middle of the night, except for all the shops being closed. I wish the shops were open just no people, self checkout everywhere :blobcheer:

I saw this and I thought of

I love the community we have built here. No one waiting in the bushes to assault you if you say something they dont agree with; just acceptance and inclusion of everyone's ideas, it is wonderful!

do not disturb mode is great, but what about lonely mode? when you want even more notifications than usual?

So I got home around 1 am and decided to get for a 10 miles (22 km) bike right through farm land in the middle of nowhere. I'm half way through my route and stopped at a bench by then bike path and still haven't seen a single person car or bike. Why can't it always be this way.

You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to boost your toots?

I sometimes put on my earphones without plugging them in my phone just so I can shut the outside world out.

I haven't been photographing much, but sometimes an opportunity presents itself.

I was sent this abomination. Shibirb, fluffer of the skies.

The Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay walkthrough looks amazing!

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 414 nodes, descending 34 nodes down.

Work stuff, depression 

I had really bad anxiety when i started and was too scared to talk to anyone, and now it's been so long that i don't know how to start

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Hey guys! People call me Ero. I'm from Turkey and I'm an astronautical engineer for 6 months. I like watching series. I like to listen vaporwave synthwave musics. Nowadays I'm trying to learn how to produce music on FL Studio.
That's meπŸ–οΈ

Hi everybody! (hi dr nick) here to try something new. For a living I help run a university campus network, with a focus on WiFi. For fun it's walking, photography, drums and live sound. Based in the north of England / Northern Ireland, I'm interested in politics and utterly fed up with politicians. I'm a faltering follower of Christ but can't call myself Christian. Always happy to engage/argue/discuss with those I don't agree with in a respectful manner.
Cheers all

Long Thing about Fridays. 

Oh boy, my weekend is about to start....

But, I didn't tell you guys, yet, about the oddity of Friday Morning in Tel Aviv.

On Thursday night things start to get calmer. By the time Friday morning has come, the whole city feels quieter and lazier as it prepares for Saturday.

As some of you may be aware, Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath. In traditional Jewish time keeping a day is sunset to sunset. At sunset the new day begins (Which is why Jewish Holidays all seem to start the 'day before' the official holiday).

I live near a fairly busy intersection- certainly not the busiest in Tel Aviv, but it's right down the street from the Central Bus Station. Friday morning sees fewer buses. They relax the schedule, since traditionally people have Friday off in the Israeli work week. Your standard '9-5' would work from Sunday to Thursday.

Friday, though. It's like the whole city relaxes. Breathes out, prepares for Saturday. The whole city feels different. You have to experience it, at least once. Imagine if New York or London had like 1/3rd the traffic heading down one of their busy streets, just because it was Friday.

No buses run on Saturday. The garbage man goes by, but that's the heaviest vehicle that zips by my apartment window that faces the street. There are a lot fewer vehicles.

And my entire body is used to it. I sleep deeper on Fridays.

It really is a magical experience. I hope you all get to check it out sometime.

Good night everyone. If anyone on needs anything please reach out to another moderator. Until tomorrow).

(PS: I'm uber excited cause I was told my new bike would arrive tomorrow, picture included)

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