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Exploring deep call graphs and figuring out how to visualise them is where an e-ink tablet really comes in handy

Had to break out the Raketa Space Launcher. Its been a while. The bezel is made out of metal from the Soyuz 2.1a rocket. Fun watch, and one of my favorite casebacks out there.

I must abide by the poll. Happy Holidays everyone!

obi 🍍  
Which is subjectively the best greeting for the Holiday Season?

You would think with it being -5 F out, and your house has no insulation, it would be hard to find positives. My home server sits next to an exterior wall. Loving these temps 🀣

@obi I just do Merry Xmas. Short, not too much emphasis on 'Christian', but still clearly meaning the same sort of holiday.

Which is subjectively the best greeting for the Holiday Season?

Does anyone have a pool going on how SBF is going to get Epstein'd?

It's not that Linux isn't ready for desktop use. It's that you're not ready for desktop use.

self harm 

Let’s make more people sick
so we can sell more medicine.

Let’s start another war
so we can sell more weapons.

Let’s cause more crime
so we can hire more lawyers
and build more prisons.

Let’s cut ourselves
because the bandage is pretty.

Let’s kill ourselves
to feed the worms.

Serious question - is there such a thing as a legal invasion?

Happened to randomly check if Flipper Zeros in stock, after wanting one for months, and was surprised the US store had them. Got one coming. If you are in the US and wanted one, head to the store before they are gone.

I don't think anyone is going to like my tweet 🀣

@freemo @trinsec the 1st 20secs of this is happening in 90% of american soccer living households right now.

I hate phones 

@trinsec You guys can't get Pixel phones in the Netherlands, can you?

What I’ve been called and why I use the tag on my profile. In jest of course.

No surprise, now these toxic bullies from are trying to have private conversations with me, which I of course indulge, and then quote whatever ammo they can use out of context and dump the rest...

It is amazing these people trust anyone who is so clearly **not** being transparent.


FediThing blocking, genocide mention 

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