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Aight. I’ll be gone for a few days. :ablobcatheartbroken:
My internet connection just drop so freaking badly :ablobcatgrumpy:
I literally can’t pass 30kbps cap after using 27 GB-ish of data on their 7 dollars “unlimited” data plan.
(i know i know. It’s cheap, i shouldn’t have to criticize them for that. :ablobrollingeyes: )
I really hate my isp :ablobrollingeyes:
I guess i’ll see you guys in the christmas :ablobsmile:
Until then! I wish you all a really really great days, like for real, a really really really really great one. :ablobcatheart:

After reading a lot of docs. (Can’t cite a reference. Sorry. I accidentally deleted my browser app data that contain a few site that has a lot of related information)
The answer to this question is “you can”
As long you got the kernel and device blob source code for the phone you’re using.
But this would be a tedious task :ablobblewobble:

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I'm really on the fence as to whether I should feel bad about the sucker who bought this...

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Sparse encoding for more-interpretable feature-selecting representations in probabilistic matrix factorization. (arXiv:2012.04171v1 [cs.LG])

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Stochastic optimization with momentum: convergence, fluctuations, and traps avoidance. (arXiv:2012.04002v1 [math.OC])

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ATOM3D: Tasks On Molecules in Three Dimensions. (arXiv:2012.04035v1 [cs.LG])

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I’m never been a fan of “save internet for childs” nor “make internet family friendly”.
I personally think that children are shouldn’t be allowed to access internet. Why ?

  • Because they’re dumb (lacks the necessary experience that’s why we also decided to not giving them permission to have sex.)
  • They easily get manipulated (either by stranger or a corp. Just look up how much kids using their parents credit card without their parents knowing just to buy an in-game item which they think it will make them looks cool etc.)

By making internet accessible for them (without giving a somekind of restriction like firewall, etc).
You risk your childs being exposed to unnecessary information that would affect their mental growth.
Let’s make internet better for everyone by start banning childs from using the internet. :ablobbounce:

As much as i enjoy being a sarcastic individual, i never felt like i should keep doing it. So i just stop.
i personally think that people have different in their level of knowledge and what they’ve been trough in their life.
So people always find something to get offended of and trying to prove a point by using satire or sarcasm isn’t going to help anybody nor myself.
Idk. Maybe i’m just lacks the social prowess to be able to understand people better.
Who knows ?

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Stochastic processes and host-parasite coevolution: linking coevolutionary dynamics and DNA polymorphism data. (arXiv:2012.02831v1 [q-bio.PE])

Just hang in there django. Let me finish learning css and html first. Then I’ll be back to you soon :ablobcatangel:

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When a Software Architect says "I do the architecture, and you do the easy part, just implement the functions!"....

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December is here and that means so is CS Ed Week! We, the friendly coders at Replit, hope to celebrate student creativity with brand new projects created for CS Ed Week:

Build your own Python-powered mixtape website (using Replit Database + Spotify API)
Step-by-step Mixtape tutorial for students
Join us on Thursday December 10th for live feedback on projects worldwide
Join the conversation with teachers, students, and the Replit team on our CS Ed Week slack channel ()
Share your projects on Twitter: @replit @spotify
Participate in Advent of Code with our helpful starter templates
Or try one of these projects on your own:
Create a game with PyGame
Create a Pinterest-style simple Pinboard
Create a media player with Replit Audio
More projects on Code with Replit

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Websites are like "in order to deliver the best experience blah blah blah blah"

I don't want you to deliver an experience, I want you to deliver some HTML
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Dear video game industry!

Nobody likes games with a 120-hour story mode, that's filled with 80 hours of the same, seemingly endlessly repeating side quests.

Nobody wants to pay for your crappy add-ons and digital loot.

Nobody is excited about the remaster of a five year old game.

Nobody cares for the 21st face-lift of FIFA.


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For the festive conspiracy theorist in your life, who wants to decorate for Christmas, but also wants you to know that Santa Claus is a lizard person.

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