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@Wetrix I may go against the grain here, but I really love reddit. It may not be what it used to be 5 years ago and bla bla bla, but communities are still often wholesome, useful and supportive. I still have a hard time finding the same feeling of "home" in the fediverse, tbh

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A picture of my home Organic Chemistry lab I took about 8 years ago. Its really not hard to set up a home lab, and you can buy all the fancy stuff as you go if you want, but you can do a lot with even a basic setup.


damn, I only now noticed I typed past instead of pasta. And it works either way!

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AHAHAH, I love the format, very original, thanks! I liked it, thanks!

@AbbieNormal thanks for sharing! I find it hard to read, for a matter of colors, but content is surely king!

@alexey well pelican (as hugo) is a static website generator, so you write in markdown and it compiles everything in static HTML. I don’t know Go, so I don’t think I’d use Hugo. I’m with you on the philosophy, website structure shouldn’t get in the way, I only need it to post content. I also read your article on using markdown instead of office stuff, that is how I write my documents: MD > LaTex > PDF (or whatever other format), works great! Awesome, that is more or less what I'm planning to do. Mind sharing?

@alexey Thanks, yes I used to have a personal website done in Pelican (I feel more at home in python than with ruby), I’d just like some inspiration

Thanks for the link!

Hello fedipeople, I am thinking of starting a personal website (again), but I'm unsure about how to go. if you have a personal website, would you mind linking it to me? I'd like to take inspiration and know more about the people I interact with 😊

@Nut Well, irrelevant it's not that bad. it least it didn't scar you, or burned your house down.

@freemo of course they are going up, I recently sold everything!

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A free lance artist just did this free lance drawing.. feel free to share it. as with all free lance drawings there is no charge of course.

@freemo I think I wasted good part of my 20s just because I thought people knew what they were doing, especially when in high positions. That's such a terrible mistake

@eionmac Thanks man! I know it will wear down and I'll get back on track and have new goals, but I graduated kinda old, and I've done so many wrong things in my life that feels good to have achieve something at the moment. And I really appreciate your pat and kind words!

@freemo @miamiautumn @Sphinx @khird
That's so very borderline... I mean I could see it as a sociological analysis, I know this type of relationships were accepted in the past in some cultures and I can only see with interest people discussing the impacts it had on society
Arguing for it in political terms, like something that could be done now, that is something that I can't see as acceptable neither.

He is just talking about what those guys think though, not sure about his position and I surely would appreciate him to tell us

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