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By the way, if you are starting up your own fediverse server, it may be tempting to blindly copy someone else’s block list, but some corners of the fediverse have been a bit over eager with full instance bans, in my opinion, which tends to break the whole federation model (imagine if you couldn’t email anyone with a certain university’s email domain because your email provider disagrees with the university policies).

If an instance is putting a lot of irritating stuff in your server’s global timeline, it might be better to just mute them from the global timeline.

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At first a bit confused about servers, how to choose and their significance. Thinking about it as domain kinda helps: public servers a bit like the gmail/hotmails of email, organization servers in the future like blue checkmarks. In the meaning, “yes, this is a real person, part of this organization”, which could be government, university, health care, media companies or even any other type of private company - which could solve *some* of the problems Twitter has.

Hi @freemo we seem to be having trouble federating with - any idea what might be the trouble there? Seems to show only isolated posts, but I don't think we're blocked. I'm not sure if they can see us either, but I'm tagging their admin @rantingsteve / in case he can see this, and there's something he can do to help.

@ktschuett LaTeX support is currently bugged due to some complications with the CORS permissions. There's a workaround, at least in Firefox, but it impairs browser security so it's not generally recommended.

With today’s developments at Twitter, we have some new faces at QOTO. If you are one of them, welcome! Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with the rules.

I’m a fluid dynamicist and a volunteer moderator here. Mostly this just means I spend some time deleting spammers, but I also deal with reports of rules violations. If you’re considering reporting another user, please read this post for a description of how users from different instances are subject to different rules.

If you have questions, ask away! We have a genuinely helpful community here and it’s likely someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Could or its GNOME equivalent be made to work as a plugin for ? I do like how Pidgin allows me to have my Matrix, IRC, Whatsapp, and Telegram all together, and it would really ice the cake to have access to my text messages there too.

Our favourite non-alcoholic beers @realcaseyrollins

Coconut on the left is my gf's, oatmeal on the right is mine

After losing about a week to (a) installing Arch for the first time and working through the accompanying learning curve and (b) illness, I'm back. I think I've caught up with the backlog of spam, but if you see any I missed please let me know!

One thing I'm missing is the ability to control individual frames. Does anyone have a for an extension that restores the frame commands (reload, show only this, open in new tab) to a modern version of ?

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Looks like the extensions situation is finally back to acceptable after all the XPCOM ones got dropped years ago. I kind of grew to like and Classic in the meantime, but I can't say I'll miss constantly fiddling with the configuration just to unbreak another website.

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#NewPipe is fixed y'all.
Make sure to add their repo to your #FDroid config and update.

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RT @USBahaiOPA: Excellent report from @USCIRF detailing the Iranian government’s systematic hate propaganda against religious minority groups in #Iran, including the #Bahai. #FoRB


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Das iranische Geheimdienstministerium wirft ihnen vor, für Israel spioniert zu haben. Zudem hätten sie in Kindergärten und Schulen Missionsarbeit für die verbotene Bahai-Religion betrieben.
Iran verhaftet Bahai-Anhänger | DW | 01.08.2022
#Iran #Bahai #Festnahmen #Spionagevorwurf #Israel

Today I found out the hard way that trying to get a double-double at Starbucks results in three ounces of straight espresso (two ounce-and-a-half double shots).

Also if you ask for a hot tea with milk you have about a one-in-two chance, over the long run, of getting a chai latte instead.

In case anyone at the company happens upon this and would care to update the recipes, those drink orders are for (1) coffee with two measures each of cream and sugar, and (2) boiling water with a teabag and a measure of milk, respectively.

One of today's winners of QOTO's spam-to-ban prize had a bio which invited the reader to "[d]iscover the world of cats mating near you [...] ." I did a double and triple take on reading that, but that's exactly what it said.

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Does anyone use or any other XMPP-as-VOIP service?

I'm a little confused about which XMPP app to use on android to work best with the service (for texts, vms, and phone calls, obviously)

@peterdrake Not according to the documentation:

Mastodon’s full-text search allows logged in users to find results from their own toots, their favourites, and their mentions. It deliberately does not allow searching for arbitrary strings in the entire database.

Note that QOTO also has bookmarks in addition to favourites, which allows you to mark a post for later on without notifying others. Bookmarking a post also makes it searchable.

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